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Follow your Instincts, it could lead to a hidden treasure!

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Those of you that love to treasure hunt; that love to go to yard sales, thrift store, and the like, you know what I mean by treasure hunting. The thrill of finding a precious item amongst the ‘ugly ducklings’, or that final piece that you needed to complete your collection.

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I had an experience like that just a few days ago. I had stopped by a friends’ antique store to see what goodies had arrived since my last visit. There was some wonderful mid-century style items that I adored, including some aqua blue glass lamps that are simply beautiful, a home made slat bench, a drop leaf Formica top kitchen table, to name a few..and of course there was an ugly duckling thrown in for good measure. It was a wooden storage box with a hinged lid on the top, rather than where the top meets the sides. The box was covered with a bright red fuzzy material, and I mean covered! The hinges on it though really intrigued me, so I decided to take it too. I thought that I could remove the red fuzzy and then perhaps paint the wooden box an off-white color.

I took it home and placed it on top of some other items that needed some work to be done to them. A few days went by, and so did some rain! I thought that I should go out and remove that red fuzzy before the box got wet. I took the box, placed it on the ground, and prepared to do ‘surgery’. Much to my surprise, the material was attached to the box using metal thumb tacks! So I began pulling out the tacks, and the material at the same time.

I had removed the material from one corner, and then was able to remove it from one large side. As I did so, my eyes could not believe what I saw! I quickly ran and got my camera so that I could take a picture of the piece. Under that red fuzzy material was a fabulous antique wooden crate. It had the words ‘Brennenman’s Fine Biscuits Pittsburgh, PA’ printed across the front! It also had a lovely logo that looks like tulips. I could not believe it.

My words of advice are that if you have a feeling about something, go with that feeling! Do not trust your eyes, go with your instincts! You never know what kind of treasure you might find! Happy hunting everyone!