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Follow your heart review

What began as a café with a name that alluded to their commitment to their ideals in a time when it was controversial, resulted in a testament to that “following your heart can indeed lead to both personal and financial success.
As well as being Non-GMO verified, they are a dedicated member of the RRSPO; utilizing only palm oil that is sustainably sourced in South America (which is not an orangutan habitat), from Rain Forest Alliance Certified farms; an incredible organization which improves the quality of life for the families of these farms and aids in the conversation and protection for wildlife, waterways and forests.
Additionally, their manufacturing plant, called ‘Earth Island’, is solar powered,
The only equation that I may ever enjoy is this one given by Follow Your Heart:
“Over the useful life of Earth Island’s® photovoltaic system, it will save the release of over 5,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere — the equivalent of over 3,000 tons of coal burned, 12,000,000 auto miles driven, and nearly 1,300 acres of forest acres lost. Imagine what results could be achieved if we truly did make a commitment of this type on a larger scale. Earth Island® is just one small company, with a 20,000 square foot roof.”

An array of sauces (inc. bbq and chipotle)
Salad dressings (inc, ranch, blue cheese and ceaser)
Veganaise (inc. reduced fat, soy-free and grapeseed oil)
Cheese (inc. mozzarella, cream cheese and sour cream)

For more information on the Rainforest Alliance:

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