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Follow This Advice And Find Relationship Success

In our society, we have what I like to call a "rushed mentality." The biggest example of this is in the diet industry. We are inundated with ads promising to help us lose 30 pounds in 30 days, get abs of steel in just 4 short weeks among many, many other promises. And while setting goals is great, most people trying to sell you something never tell you that having what you desire most is not always so easy or quick. Most of the time (sorry to have to say it!) it requires more work, dedication and discipline than we're thought it would. The truth is, success is ANYTHING (including love) is a process and it requires patience and a winning attitude.

Many of my clients ask me how can i meet Mr. Right in the soonest time possible? I want to get married, have children and I want it all TODAY. Sorry ladies, it's not gonna happen that way!

Everything is a PROCESS. Getting what you want is seldom an overnight miracle, nor does it magically happen in 7 days or 4 weeks or whatever time table you are promised. While there is definitely a system, a blueprint for success in whatever you want in life (including finding Mr. Right and having a great relationship), you have to have learn what you are lacking, practice it and have patience!

If you look at many women around you, you may be saying to yourself, "It looks like they have the perfect relationship, the perfect guy and they don't follow any rules, they don't read books on love, they don't do half the work I do!"

But the fact is if you look very closely at these women and their relationships, there are common characteristics, commonalities among them that contribute to their success! It's true, for some women it might come natural to them so when you ask them they may not be able to tell u "I do x,y, z," but if you study them intently you'll find the secrets to their success (unfortunately this isn't always possible or realistic, but luckily others have done the hard work for you). This is the same with naturally thin people. Sure they may be predisposed to having a certain body shape, but their eating habits, etc. contribute to their thin physique. If you ask them, "What do you do?" They might tell you, "Oh, nothing much, I eat whatever I want!" But that's because it comes natural to them so they've never had to think about it. Again, if you study a group of them you'll find certain commonalities among them (namely they eat when they are hungry and stop when they are satisfied, without overeating or overindulging majority of the time, and they don't stress about their weight or restrict the kinds of food they eat).

You may be asking, "How do I study these women intently and get what I want?"

You model other people's success. There are people who have done the hard work of studying what works with men, how to be a naturally thin eater (check out Josie Spinardi's book, How To Have Your Cake And Your Skinny Jeans Too), how to be successful in your career, and what attitudes/actions will get you what you most desire! My book gives you many of the secrets to relationship success, and describes to you the attitude and actions of a dream girl, the girl who always gets the guy and the great relationship! You can have this too.

What I want you to takeaway from this is that everything is a system. There is always a system for success. A system for getting what you want--whether it be becoming a successful entrepreneur, a great doctor, a "naturally" thin person, or having a successful relationship. Most people think they can act however they want, do whatever they want and get the relationship of their dreams. Our culture tells us this. But, unfortunately, it just isn't true. There is a system for success and you can start to adopt it today!

Remember, you don't have to be perfect, you just have to adopt the 20 percent of the system (the parts that you most need help with) to see 80 percent success. If you want closer to 100 percent success then adopt ALL of the system. This is the rule of 80/20 and it's true in almost everything out there.

Please be patient with this process. Learn all you need to know to be successful. There's a blueprint out there for whatever you want to be successful at. Don't cheapen out! Someone out there has already done all the hard work for you. Get that book, take that course and learn what it takes to be successful at what you want. Remember it's a process not an overnight success. Learn from your mistakes, brush it off and keep it moving! You will get there with time, trust me!

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