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Follow along with the Everest Endeavor's Mt. Kilimanjaro adventure

Homeschoolers can follow allow with the Everest Endeavor's Mt. Kilimanjaro adventure.
Homeschoolers can follow allow with the Everest Endeavor's Mt. Kilimanjaro adventure.
The Everest Endeavor

Kyle Bingham's Everest Endeavor has a big goal for the next year. Between May 2014 and May 2015, Bingham will be climbing five world-class mountains, culminating with Mt. Everest. That's nearly 110,000 feet of elevation, and for each foot of climbing, the Everest Endeavor plans to raise $1 for the Children's Cancer Association.

The Everest Expedition is planning a Mt. Kilimanjaro trip for July 14-23. The expedition will include a seven-day climb and a three-day Serengeti safari. With support from Sunskis Sunglasses, the goal of this trek is to raise $19,000 for CCA.

Here's how your students can get involved with this ambitious adventure for a worthy cause:

  • Follow Along: The itinerary for the Mt. Kilimanjaro trip is available online. Start by researching Tanzania, the country where Mr. Kilimanjaro is located. Then, each day of the trek, mark the team's path on a map during both the climbing and safari portions. Discuss what wildlife and vegetation they'll see each day and what weather conditions they might be experiencing.
  • Study the Mountains: Over the next year, the Everest Endeavor will be climbing five different mountains: Denali (Mt. McKinley), Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Rainier, Cho Oyu and Mt. Everest. Take time to study these with your children. Where is each located? How tall is it? What features are conducive to climbing it, and what would make the climb particularly challenging? Which would your family most like to visit, and why?
  • Donate: Support the Everest Endeavor's goal of raising $110,000 for CCA. Every dollar helps. One of CCA's programs involves tapping into the healing power of music, and a gift of just $5 buys disinfectant wipes for sanitizing musical instruments between each use. $10 allows children to download an album to listen to during their time in the hospital. And $100 provides a child a Chemo Pal Mentor Bag to keep him occupied during treatment. Your children might even want to brainstorm ways to raise funds in your community for the Everest Endeavor.
  • Go: Granted, your youngsters probably aren't going to scale a mountain this summer, but if you know someone who would be interested, encourage him or her to take part in this life-changing adventure. The trip will be led by Ian Taylor Trekking, and the cost is $4550. Spots are still open to the public, but space is limited, so early sign-up is encouraged. No previous climbing experience is required.

Just imagine the view that the team will see from the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro! Even if you can't join in their climb, you and your students can still have a small part in their trip and in the good that they will be doing for pediatric cancer patients.

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