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Folk legend Pete Seeger dead at 94

Though many people probably haven't heard of Pete Seeger, there are many who have. Pete Seeger was an accomplished musician, mentor, and legend. Born in 1919 to Charles Seeger, he began playing the ukulele at a young age. During adult hood Pete would become friends with many great people, including Woody Guthrie. Pete would also become a respected master at the 12 string banjo, and would go on to mentor many famous acts such as Bob Dylan. His musical influence can be seen all over the world, spanning many generations. He would also go on to form the group "The Weavers" and would even be blacklisted during the McCarthy Era. It is no doubt that Pete lived a great, long life. As a resident of Beacon NY, Pete could often be seen playing select clubs every first Monday night of each month, and was the recent winner of a Woody Guthrie award given to him earlier. Pete was 94 years old at the time of his death.

Folk legend Pete Seeger
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Pete died Monday of natural causes at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. His death was confirmed by his grandson Kitama Cahill Jackson. Pete Seeger had lived a long, full and certainly eventful life. He is often viewed as almost a grandfather to folk music by many, and will surely be missed. Pete has written many famous songs within his lifetime, including the Byrds hit "Turn! Turn! Turn!" as well as the protest anthem "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?" He will certainly be missed, and his legacy is sure to continue for years upon decades to come.

Though Pete may not be with us on this earth any longer, we would like to take a moment to remember all of what this man was. He was more than just a folk singer. Pete was like that granddad in which you felt you could trust, he gave advice to anyone and everyone who asked for it and shall remain an icon long after his death. There is a reason to why this man was a legend, such reason surpasses his musical abilities. Pete Seeger shall live on in every child who picks up and instrument, in every rambler looking for a home, in every spring flower and every smile. We will miss you Pete, may we meet you once again.

If you have any stories about Pete Seeger, or anything in which you'd like to add, please add them in the comments below.

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