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Folgers coffee aroma and other unique Kansas City marketing angles

KC will miss the Folgers plant aroma
KC will miss the Folgers plant aroma
Saxon via Flickr

Kansas City citizens were recently hit with the sad news that the downtown Folgers coffee plant will be shutting down in 2012. The loss of close to 200 jobs will hit the city hard, but there have also been a lot of comments about a loss the city will feel on a bit of a lighter note: the wonderful aroma of roasting coffee.

While the smell might not have directly affected sales of Folgers, it did send a clear message to everyone who had the pleasure of walking or driving past the plant. "Coffee. Drink some coffee." In a couple of years, we might be able to tell if the lack of the aroma affects sales at nearby coffee spots. Until then, inhale and enjoy.

There are other KC businesses with similar unusual marketing angles. When you think barbecue, do you hear "Hi, how may I help you?" in your head? That fun and lively welcome to customers is now part of Kansas City culture and an angle unique to Gates BBQ.

How many of you know what Dean Blay and Toby Tobin sell? If you listen to AM radio, you know with just the sounds of their voices what business their ads will be about. No catchy jingles or slick sales gimmicks needed.

When you think of the downtown area at the holidays, what comes to mind. Most likely, it's the amazing light display showcased on the south side of the Marriot Hotel.

All of these are unique to Kansas City and good examples of branding that is memorable. What are some of your favorites? And more importantly if you have a business, what can you do to stand out and help your company become a part of the Kansas City culture?

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