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Fog borders Chicago Gold Coast Art Fair

This sign was at the Columbus Drive and Monroe Street entrance.
This sign was at the Columbus Drive and Monroe Street entrance.
© 2014 Vernon Brookins

Between June 21, 2014 and June 22, 2014 in Chicago, Ill., Amdur Productions sponsored the 57th Annual Golf Coast Art Fair. These art exhibits were in Grant Park between Monroe Street and Jackson Drive, and between Columbus Drive and Lake Shore Drive. Throughout the day and afternoon on Sunday, June 22, especially between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., which were the fair’s hours, fog over Lake Michigan formed this exhibition’s, eastern border.

Since this fair’s, last day was on Sunday when most Chicagoans did not work, and most out-of-towners and out-of-country visitors roamed around, more attendees likely saw this art on this day than saw this art on Saturday. At more than 300, art booths artists displayed their works. Many of the artists in these booths also displayed contest winner ribbons.

Art subjects on display included animal, humans and vegetables. Art styles included Pop Art, Abstractionism and Realism. Art media included silver-gelatin prints, oil paint, colored glass, copper and wood.

This exhibit had at least one strip artists (not stripper). This female strip artist, constructed abstract art with colorful, watercolor strips. This had the effect of looking through Venetian blinds.

An alligator was near the Monroe Street and Columbus Drive entrance. (Alligators are more common in the United States than crocodiles are.) This was a somewhat, detailed, full size (four feet), wooden replica.

In the vegetable (flora) category, plants and food from plants were artistic. Colorful, copper plants which were at least three feet tall, displayed their metallic petals. (This should qualify as Fantasy Style.) Miniature, anthropomorphic models were the subordinate subjects in photographs in which food (a pineapple, green beans and hot peppers) were the dominant subjects. (This should also qualify as Fantasy Style.)

One photographer used as subjects objects that he found on the street: doll heads, a cracked mirror, etc.). He photographed these subjects on black and white film, and printed them on silver-gelatin paper. Displayed as black and white prints, these photos acquire a film noir ambiance.

Artistic clothing with Chinese/Japanese letters adorned t-shirts and caps. African animals appeared in hand-carved stone. Paintings of long-necked women gazed at viewers. Some light-intensive photos shown brightly without the additions of paint touch-ups. On canvas, a Ford Thunderbird and a Volkswagen mini-bus created sentiment.

The Gold Coast Art Fair is the largest, annual, Chicago art fair. As such, attendees were also able to consume artistic food in the form of smoothies, veggie burgers and ice cream. Harrington College of Design and the School of the Art Institute offered enrollment requirements to potential students.

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