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Focusing on Sight

The frail and elderly are many times losing their sight, either to cataracts or macular degeneration. And of course there are several other common forms of sight loss, some fixable and others not so much. Many of our elderly have access to services which they may not be aware of. The connection is our population of caregivers and their knowledge. Also, it is important to remember that Medicare may pay for some or all prosthetic needs.

One place for many to receive assistance is which serves as the clearing house for many tools and information for those losing sight and those caring for them. There are so many tools which do not just add to the quality of life, they also add to the productivity which will them improve self-esteem and have a dramatic impact on depression. Another resource is through the Veterans Administration Medical Services. This is called the Sight Clinic and the great professionals working there will not only provide some of the tools necessary to improve the quality of life, but also teach new techniques for having a better life. (And please don’t just take the word of someone that the situation has no entitlement within the VA, go straight to the horse’s mouth.)

These columns are frequently regarding dementia and some may wonder how some resources will apply to a person with dementia. Of course it depends on the reason the person has the dementia and the prognosis; but it is very reasonable to expect some improvement in quality of life. And after all is that not what caregivers want for the person a better quality of life.

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