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One of the most interesting things that I think I found recently is that people spend a lot of time focusing on and praying to the devil (see my earlier article Demons Devils Darkness and You and watch this video regarding recent Honey Maid critics). And what I mean by that is there’s a lot of negative energy exerted in keeping negativity alive and well!

For many, negativity and complaining have become part of their daily routines.  This does not have to remain a habitual state of being. . .
We can shift the flow of energy through conscious practice

Now I'm not sure exactly why people spend so much time focusing on negativity, praying related to negative things, worrying, doubting, etc.…
I mean if you listen to the average conversation whether you’re at work, at home, at school, standing at the bus stop, or sitting in your neighborhood Starbucks or Caribou coffee; what you’re going to notice is that the vast majority of the words that people use have some kind of negative scarcity consciousness, lack and limitation, fear and worry, and all manner of can’t, won’t, didn't, shouldn't, blah blah blah… Negative, negative, and more negativity on top of that.

One reason this has come to the forefront of my mind is because I recently was an exhibitor and a presenter at the Pathways Natural Living Expo. And while talking to one of the people who came up to the table I noticed a gentleman speaking to both Tracy and Renuka, who were the assistants that were helping me that day. And what I noticed peripherally, as I was engaged in a conversation, was the overwhelming negativity exuding from this gentleman’s aura. The manner in which he stood, asked questions, and spoke to both Tracy and Renuka, was harsh, aggressive, condescending, and downright mean.

After I completed my conversation with the person I was assisting, the gentleman that they were speaking to had already moved on to two other tables leaving a wake of the same negativity at each of the tables that he proceeded to visit. Both Tracy and Renuka were visibly and energetically troubled. So I explained to them what I’d witnessed and what these kinds of events tend to draw out of people. I explained that there are times when the light is so bright that people who cannot access or allow or accept the light will do the best that they can to subdue, injure, harm, degrade, snuff out, belittle, and overshadow anything and everything that shines light, represents light, or speaks of the light.

I used the analogy of a vampire and how a vampire’s entire or sole purpose is to drain the life force i.e., blood; in similar manner, there are those who do not know, understand, or recognize the truth of who and what they are and because they do not know, understand, or recognize who and what they are, by default they are relegated to the land of “the walking dead or the undead.” Now it’s important to realize that in truth they are neither the undead nor the walking dead; they are merely asleep, unaware, unknowingly thinking, acting, and feeling from a state of mind controlled by, influenced by, and enforced by, the lower baser self which is also called the ego by many.

This man came to the table, and then later to my workshop session, not as an enemy, not as an aggressor, not as someone for me to defend against, attack, or be angry with… Rather he came as a teacher to assist me as well as both Tracy and Renuka with our own levels of understanding, compassion, self-awareness, and divinity. As I watched him enter, my first thought was to laugh at the irony and synchronicity that brought him to my session my second thought was to begin a prayer treatment that if he was coming with anything other than peace, joy, compassion, that he would not remain in the room. As he sits and makes himself comfortable, this gentleman begins to inform me that he himself was Indian from India and he referred to himself as a True Black and then to me as someone who was of slave descent. He proceeded to ask me why there are so many blacks in jail, why was Jesse Jackson’s son in jail, and why I am not doing something about it! No matter what I said or how I responded to his questions, he continued to demand a satisfying answer; an answer I was not providing. His level of anger, frustration, and insensitivity rose, simply because my answers to his interrogation were not satisfactory, he stood and left the room and as he stood and began to storm out I simply bowed to him and said Namaste.

Once he left, my workshop began on time, proceeded, then concluded, and later that evening I took the opportunity to reflect back, to think about and to process what exactly the day had afforded me and one of the biggest things that stood out was that gentleman; my teacher for the day. And what I learned or was reminded of was that each of us who are actively and consciously on the spiritual path, are called to do is to stand in truth, be authentic, be transparent, and to represent the light despite all appearances, experiences, circumstances, and situations. To stand in truth knowing that what I see may in fact be a fact but that does not mean it is the Truth!

Those who dwell in negativity, a default form of darkness, that place that Jesus referenced when he mentioned sheol (hell) don’t need our condemnation, judgment, hatred, etc. they don’t need us to lump coals upon their heads, they’re doing that themselves. As light workers, metaphysicians, mystics, shamans, ministers, teachers, life coaches, and more, it’s our duty, our calling, our responsibility to bring light where there is darkness, peace where there is war, calm to confusion, and love to all!

We are to hold in higher consciousness the Truth; that there is only God that God is good: therefore everything and everyone whether we understand it or not is good, is whole, perfect, and complete!
And so it is!!

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