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Focus pages: 2010 Apple iPad and 1979 Apple Graphics Tablet Compared

Today's focus page spotlights a PC World slideshow that compares a 2010 Apple iPad and 1979 Apple Graphics Tablet. Even though it's like comparing apples to tomatoes (actually it's a peripheral to a handheld computer system), it is interesting to see how far technology has come.

In this slideshow you will discover:

  • The stunning size comparisons of both products
  • An actual (and amazingly precise) image drawn on the Apple Graphics Tablet
  • The price of the 1979 Apple Graphics Tablet (it may surprise you)
  • The evolution of the user interface

Follow this link to the PC World article:


  • Pat Anthony/Charlotte Healthy Living Examiner 4 years ago

    Very interesting. Things have progressed so rapidly in recent years. Soon we will look at what we use today as so outdated.

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