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Focus on your Intuition and watch it grow!

INTUITION CAN BE DEVELOPED. I've gone from a clairvoyant Empath to a multi-sensory Intuitive Oracle Seer and guide others in connecting with their abilities as a result of my own life path.

Intuition is widely accepted as "knowing without knowing how we know" or being aware of correct information without factual evidence. In truth it is the ability to access that which is behind the eyes. It is the ability to see, feel, hear, feel and know information that is beyond time and space. We are all born with the ability to read invisible information. Some have gut feelings (I don't for example), some see images or others hear information. Some few people can access information on various levels.

MOST of us combine factual information or what is being shared with us and read into it in a deeper way. That's how many coaches and teachers use their intuition. They will listen, ask questions and send intake forms then look at patterns and connect to their inner wisdom. It's a seamless way to access intuitive information on an everyday level.

I prefer to work with as little information as possible, it serves my process. It allows me to know I am not jumping to conclusions or judging or analyzing data well…I know that I am accessing invisible information purely this way.

The information that arises doesn't always "explain" itself to you. Some get images, others words, songs and others, directives.

The main way to be able to TRUST your intuition is actually more of a scientific process where you journal your readings/experiments and start to see your strengths and accuracy. Scientific in that the question is posed, the answer given and noted, then there is a 3rd step to validate the accuracy of information. Of course some spiritual information doesn't have that linear way to check it, it's felt in the heart!

This KNOWING THYSELF practice will give you the confidence to make life and death decisions as well as the everyday ones.

I started out as an emotional empath, meaning that I accessed what people felt around me and the energy/feeling of a place or object. Overwhelming to a child and a teenager. The more I paid attention to this, it grew. At 16 I realized, as I was blind-folded at a ouija board and could "hear" and "see" information without access to anything visible. It proved to me in a very definite way that indeed, I could do this.


People write and say," It's not growing…I don't get it…"

My question is, "Are you practicing everyday?"

Intuition is available AND it must be used. Like a muscle, it must be worked.

I was on a session yesterday and I was surprised as yet another aspect unfolded.
Even after 20 years of practice, I am still expanding in my abilities.

A client had been held at gunpoint and kidnapping was threatened. She told me it was three men. I said," Please say no more."

I saw an older an, 2 younger. One fumbling and scared ready to run. One hopped up and macho ready to fight. The older, with a cigarette, wavy hair, tan and mustache.
I saw them from the outside, looking in on them. Then suddenly I shifted. I saw them from their perspective.

I could see my client and her partner. The house, the dogs.

The scene shifted and I could see the assailants at home talking about the attempt. I shared how they were talking. My client confirmed that how they looked, talked and acted was as I described.

Now I've done this before at times where I actually tried and other times as I was chatting with a friend walking down the street. It's just happened.

This experience showed me that this is more possible and accessible than i thought. I will now add that to my conscious intuition exploration and keep reaching further.

Whether it's intuition, love, abundance or true connection…WHATEVER WE FOCUS ON MANIFESTS, SO FOCUS ON YOUR VISION!

Please don't focus on what you don't have or what's missing.

Keep moving forward and making time for your INNER wisdom to support you in all you do!

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Much love, V

©VCC The Daily Oracle

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