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Focus on the truth not on those things that have the sound of truth

Just because something sounds like the truth, does not mean that it is the truth. The Facebook meme featuring Michele Bachmann saying something ridiculous about Christ, the Bible and English is not actually something that she has said.

Michele Bachmann did not actually say this dumb thing
Christians for Michele Bachmann

In fact, the latest one that the group called Christians for Michele Bachmann has approved actually comes from their satiric Facebook page. It may sound funny. It may sound true, but hasn’t Bachmann said enough dumb things without putting new dumb things into her mouth? Creating false memes only makes those who created them liars and those who pass them on dupes.

The problem with satire in this day and age is that people are so ridiculous and far out there. It could legitimately have been something that Bachmann had said. By putting these types of things out there, people are creating a huge divide using falsehoods when the truth should be enough to accomplish their goals.

Today, a group would form that would actually try to implement Swift’s Modest Proposal. That is no exaggeration. People have seriously proposed putting homosexuals, those infected by AIDS, blacks or people who post more than two cat photos on Facebook a day on an island, a reservation or someplace where they can stay away from the “normal” people and not access Facebook.

“To hear the insect on the leaf pronouncing too much life among his hungry brothers in the dust.”

Unless it is clearly satire, stated somewhere for the average person – Republican or Democrat – to understand, there is a good chance that it will be taken as the truth by someone too uneducated to know the difference or too lazy to do just a tiny bit of research to find out if it is true or not.

I don’t like Bachmann’s politics. However, she should be allowed to be truthfully quoted only with the dumb things that she has said. That way everyone can know how honestly dumb she is.

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