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Focus on the Family's 'Irreplaceable' set for an encore screening

The Focus on the Family documentary "Irreplaceable" is set for an encore showing on Thursday
The Focus on the Family documentary "Irreplaceable" is set for an encore showing on Thursday
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Within the first half of Focus on the Family's one-night movie event Irreplaceable, director and narrator Tim Sisarich shook the audience enough to leave the theater knowing that the family is the key to what is wrong in the world. The highly successful first screening has spawned a second viewing this Thursday.

The journey then dives deeper into the cascade of destruction, through fatherless homes and testimonies from prisoners, to ask viewers to go home and attempt a three generation cycle of family stability.

"Every day in the media, the life choices of my neighbors and even in public policy, I seem to be told I’ve got it wrong,” Sisarich said. “I have to ask the question, does culture have it right or is there something better?"

The documentary also features interviews with experts from all walks of life, including professor of law Helen Alvaré; National Center for Fathering CEO Carey Casey; radio host Michael Medved; speaker and radio host John Stonestreet; author Eric Metaxas; neuropsychologist Dr. Anne Moir; philosopher Dr. Roger Scruton; authors Gabe and Rebekah Lyons; scholar Nancy Pearcey and others.

Sisarich engages is some real self-examination through the process, revealing intimate details of his life, past and relationship with his father. The film works best as a documentary and missed during the segments as a "diary," note The Global Dispatch in a May 10th review.

Abortion and gay marriage are mentioned, but the focus is on presenting fact after fact supporting the theory that the family unit is key to a decent and moral society.

From sexuality to violence to a delay in marriage or avoidance of getting married, the film links the impact with the theory that the family is the key. Some of the protests and objections are unfounded. While the film projects traditional values and beliefs, there is no projection of animosity or prejudice against those who are don't fit the model.

The film is a great lead-in to their new program called The Family Project the Gen3 Promise.

Fathom Events, Focus on the Family™ and Pine Creek Entertainment are pleased to present second showings of Irreplaceable in select cinemas nationwide on Thursday, May 15 at 7:30 p.m.

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