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Focus on Organizing and making space for what you want in your life

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Focus on: Organizing for better living

What does being organized mean to you? Some people say it means knowing where things are when you need them. Others say being organized is the ability to respond to life situations quickly and easily because the “tools” you neePeter Bedard & Organizational Expert Kristine Ollerd to respond with are right at your fingertips. Each of these things is true but the fantastic Kristine Oller takes them one step further. Kristine believes that being organized is more than just knowing where your things are. It’s a state of mind, even a sense of peace that allows you to react effortlessly to stressful situations and to achieve your dreams in a manner that is calm and focused. When you are organized you come at life with a different energy because everything you need is easily accessible to you. AND, most importantly, the things you don’t need aren’t in your way or even blocking you from moving ahead. Kristine is part organizational expert, part psychologist, and part spiritual guru.


Recently, Kristine taped an episode of On the show she spoke of the importance of making room for what you want in your life; room for your dreams, desires, and aspirations to grow and manifest in the physical world. She very clearly spoke of the need to get rid of things that no longer served you. So you set your office up two years ago, even six months ago, take a look at it and ask yourself if it really serves you. Is there an old printer (or anything else) sitting in the way on your desk? Do you find yourself working on the floor or in another room because you need more space to “see” what you are working on? Are you even working at your desk any more or have you claimed another part of the office or your home as a “temporary” work space? As you grow and as your business grows you might find the need to change where you work. AND how you created the space you work in originally might not suit you anymore. Before Kristine's organizing - No room for anything

If this is a situation you find yourself in then stop, take a moment to look at what you are doing and evaluate how you can make your office work better for you. For example, if you work from home, is the room that is your office working for you? Kristine speaks of an actress who was working out of a traditional home “office” space in her house that just wasn’t working for her client anymore. It was the room in the house that was designed for a home office but her client was constantly taking her work into the dining room where it was brighter due to more windows. The dining room table gave her the room she needed to spread out and better see her work and, most importantly, she felt more comfortable working in this space. Six months ago she didn’t need that space because her work wasn’t as demanding as it is today so the old office space worked fine. She failed to recognize that as her business grew so did her need for a space that was more suited to her business. After some negotiating with her husband, Kristine’s client was able to convert the dining room into her work space and her husband was able to have the home office all to himself. This allowed both of them to grow by giving them a space that facilitated their growth as business people. It seems simple but Kristine tells us that most people are resistant to using rooms in their home in a way that is different from the norm but when their productivity increases and they are happier doing their job all that resistance disappears.After - The calm organization allows for new things to flow into your life

Possibly more important than anything else is removing obstacles that may be getting in the way of your being and staying organized. Kristine recommends taking old files out of your way and boxing them up for storage thus freeing up space for you to actually see, and find, the files that you do need. Is there something in your space that you just don’t need? If so, get rid of it, If you can’t then find a place for it, like a storage unit, so that it doesn’t get in your way. Your space needs to serve you.

Kristine is all about asking questions. Questions like, “What do you need?”, “what do you want?”, and “How does it serve you?”, etc. It’s a pretty simple but wise concept. If your closet, filing drawers, etc. are full then there isn’t any space for new things to come into your life. There isn’t anywhere to file those new invoices and there isn’t anywhere to hang that new outfit. If something doesn’t serve you then it needs to go away. Again, maybe it did once or maybe it has sentimental value. It still needs to go in order to grow. And if something is that valuable that it can’t be gotten rid of then it really should be put on display so that everyone can see it. Ask yourself, does that old printer really need to be in your office? Do those sweaters from ten years ago really need to be part of your wardrobe? She emphasizes that we often hold on to things that we don’t need out of guilt or the off chance that one day we might need it. And she very rightly points out that this is thinking from a place of lack. It’s not trusting that the Universe will provide whatever it is that you need to get the job done.

So, let go of the old stuff that’s holding you down and make way for the new. Make room for what you want by being organized and watch yourself and your career grow. Trust that by being organized you can work more efficiently and effortlessly and realize that it is truly all about you making room for you – room to grow, room to create, room to welcome abundance and get organized.

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