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Focus on Local Specialty Crops at Local Food Trade Show

The Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts is in its fourth year of working with entrepreneurs to foster an economy that is “local, green, and fair.” With over one hundred participants and growing, SBN is a leader in the green movement.

At the third annual Local Food Trade Show, there will be opportunities for buyers and vendors alike to connect, learn, and develop valuable business relationships.

This year’s Local Food Trade Show features a series of seminars designed to discuss obstacles that get in the way of local food producers’ financial success, and how to overcome them. The first seminar, at 8:30AM, is geared toward buyers, and the second, at 12:15, is especially for producers. Both sets will have the opportunity to learn new techniques for furthering their causes, as well as to network with each other and find new business opportunities.

After the Trade Show, consumers can look out for new green, local, and specialty food at their favorite restaurants and grocers thanks to new partnerships between retailers and suppliers.

The SBN Local Food Trade Show will take place on Tuesday, March 4th from 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM at the Northeastern University Indoor Quad and Ballroom in the Curry Student Center, 346 Huntington Avenue. Visit SBN’s website for details, registration, parking information, and schedule.

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