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Focus on: Dowsing


Dowsing is an ancient art that dates back thousands of years. Like a lot of ancient healing techniques such as crystal therapy, yoga, and card reading, it is enjoying a comeback as modern culture begins to once again appreciate these tribal healing arts. It was used by indigenous architects to position buildings and by farmers to find water. In more recent years, dowsing is being used by geologist to find oil and mineral deposits. The California Department of Parks and Recreation even used dowsing to identify the bodies buried in a Gold Rush era graveyard so as to clarify the boundaries of the graveyard and define it’s size for historical designation. Dowsing can be used for other things as well and Dr. Sergei Shaginyan shows us how he uses dowsing to identify energy lines on the Earth’s surface. Dr. Shaginyan explains that there are positive and negative energy lines crisscrossing the Earth and these lines, like the polarity of a battery, have positive and negative charges. If a negative energy line, or what’s referred to as a ley line, runs through your home or office then spending time upon or close to that energy line can be harmful to your health.

Dr. Shaginyan has facilitated people in healing everything from insomnia to infertility simply by identifying the ley line and either moving someone’s desk or bed out of the negatively charged energy field. The charge of the ley line is charted on a scale of zero to six with six being the most dangerous and an area to be avoided completely. Dr. Shaginyan says that if you live on a five or six then, “Get out!” A reading of a four or less can be mitigated and dealt with simply by moving your furniture around the house or office.

Dowsing is performed using very simple, almost primitive, tools. Birch branches are often used for findng water and modern day architects and geologists have developed their own dowsing rods, as they’re called, to help them find what they are looking for. If you are interested in learning more about this ancient art of identifying energy fields, ley lines, check out this interview with Dr. Shaginyan at on Create Your Health.