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Focus on Crystal Therapy and the Crystal Matrix Healing Center


Peter Bedard & Rev. Patricia Bankins at the Crystal Matrix

The Crystal Matrix in Atwater Village is one of the coolest healing centers around. The Reverend Patricia Bankins runs the place with ease and you always feel comfortable and welcome when you walk through her doors. It is a unique combination of retail sales, new age services, and community center. You can find anything from an Angel Card Reader (similar to Tarot Cards) to a Reflexologist (foot massage that stimulates healing throughout the body) to a Psychic Channel and an Ear Coning Practitioner. Not only can you experience a healing of some sort but you can also take a class at the Crystal Matrix and learn how to use your own healing powers for yourself and others. Classes like Reiki, color therapy, and dream interpretation are offered throughout the year. There is such a fun energy of exploration that permeates this place and so many interesting things to explore.

Patricia, our proprietress, is a walking New-Age Guru. She comes from a skeptical background and literally stumbled her way into being an alternative health practitioner. Many years ago she was walking with a cane and experiencing great pain in her spine and neck as well as consistent ongoing headaches. She thought that Crystal Therapy was a bunch of “who-ee” but she didn’t want to undergo surgery and the pain medication she was on wasn’t healing her. To her amazement her work with crystals did and she was soon walking without the cane with no headache or pain. She is a big advocate of taking responsibility for oneself and taking charge of your own healing. She says, “I want to participate in my healing process because I certainly participated in my getting un-well process”. Now, isn’t that the truth!Rutilated Quartz

Interesting enough, Patricia says that most people come to her for spiritual rather than physical reasons. They want a tune-up in a sense or to “jump start” themselves spiritually. An experience with Reverend Patricia and the work she does is very satisfying. You feel grounded, calm, and relaxed…centered even…in a way that is “earthy” if that makes any sense to you. You just have to experience it as the qualities are difficult to describe. It’s all good.

Crystal Therapy is a healing art that pre-dates modern history. It is a “hippy art” that has had a steady stream of followers for decades…even centuries. Crystals have been used by indigenous healers throughout the world to open up and move energy in our physical bodies. Interesting enough, in modern times we use quartz crystals to do something similar, take quartz crystal watches and short wave radios for example, we use their bio-electrical abilities to amplify and redirect either electrical and radio wave frequencies. Working with crystals on the body is a similar exercise as the crystals amplify and redirect the bodies own natural energies.

Every month the Crystal Matrix has a featured stone, which this month is “Rutilated Quartz”. A rutilated crystal is a quartz crystal that has rutile growing inside of it; it looks like fine threads or hairs. These hair like threads can be red, gold, or silver and are quite beautiful when encapsulated in the quartz. Rutile is said to help cut through ad

versity and to create possibility and quartz is a stone that amplifies clarity and direction. What a stellar combination for
living an empowered life. A Crystal Therapist will use these stones and many, many others to

assist you in releasing what you no longer need and in creating the life that you do want. Through the use of various crystals and stones the healer works to open up and move blocked energies through the body. Each crystal has it’s own vibratory signature either from it’s shape, color, texture or type of mineral composition. The practitioner uses these characteristics of the crystal to directly challenge an illness within the body. Their offices are full of sparkling gems like Rutilated Quartz and being in one is an experience to behold. The beauty of the earth just sparkles around you everywhere you look. It’s like walking in the stars AND getting to actually reach out and touch them at the same time.

Actress Amanda Deibert at the Crystal Matrix.
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