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Focus on characteristics rather than breed

Your ideal dog may be a Golden Retriever and this may color your thinking when choosing a pet. Possibly an Angora cat is the chosen breed. Those who need you most are the dogs and cats in shelters. They are the mongrel, mixed breed, mutts as they are known. They might also be the best pets you ever loved.

Cole (1092990) is a 5-year-old black shorthair. If you are looking for a sleek mini-panther – with just a touch of adorable chubbiness! – come check out Cole today!
Cole (1092990) is a 5-year-old black shorthair. If you are looking for a sleek mini-panther – with just a touch of adorable chubbiness! – come check out Cole today!
Gretchen Pressley

Whether you choose a mixed breed dog to adopt from a rescue place or a pure breed dog to buy from a breeder, you have some general characteristics in mind. Those traits prospective dog owners are looking for are much more important than the breed name or purebred papers.

Chances are the ideal pet will be one that fits into your home and yard. It is unlikely a Great Dane will be chosen for an apartment dweller. If you have children, a dog will be chosen that is supposed to be family friendly.

The idea that small children should have small dogs is not correct. Small breed dogs are often quite delicate and their health is questionable. A medium sized dog or maybe even a large breed is what should be the ideal.

When time available is an issue there should be a search for dogs that need less exercise or play time. If your life revolves around a couple little kids there is less time for this and maybe a more quiet and contented dog should be obtained. This is probably not the time to try a new puppy since no-one has the time to housebreak and train them.

If in addition to the small children, there are also older kids or teens, they might be able to take over the responsibility for a puppy. When Puppies, older dogs with no training or rescue dogs are chosen they will require a little more work.

If your family consists of a career driven couple, they too may want to pick a less demanding pet. Cats are usually easier to litter train and some do not mind long periods of time alone. There are dog breeds that also can content themselves for the day. A rambunctious, high energy pet should not be chosen if you cannot be home a lot of the time. Picking a breed that needs lots of brushing and grooming since they’re long haired may also be a bad choice in a busy household. Considering all these things will narrow down your search.

There now are certain traits you are looking for, discover these in a pet that needs a home. Instead of buying a pure bred animal, save a life. Any pet chosen should exhibit some traits of friendliness, loving nature, loyalty and affectionate. The pet picked will want to be with the family and be just grateful to have a home and a caring owner. So this sums up the qualities a prospective pet owner must look for and try to find.

However, this same loving, affectionate, loyal pet may have a few issues. This just means as an owner you will need even more love and more patience than you thought necessary. Now, the plan is complete, the shelter dog or cat that exhibits most of these traits will be a good match for you to consider. Don’t go looking for a certain breed, but instead find a loving companion to fit into a specific lifestyle. The rewards will be great and another deserving pet will have a forever home.

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