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Focus for FUN and Physical Activity

Try this with your children
Try this with your children
Kidskills International

Focus: it is an ability.

Give the young children in your care, the ability to focus: as you give them physical activity opportunities.

For everyone: children, adults and our pets....all...physical activity...offers the great linkage between body and mind.

In our sophisticated society, enable by technology's speed of information proliferation, people still require exercise, mobility and oxygen consumption.

All the basics of daily living can be extended, with a some amount of concern, into ways that develop focus.
Physical Activities ~ Connecting Brain and Body WELL!

From birth to end of life, the more oxygen and movement that a person can perform, yields a direct benefit of health and good brain power!

Being active in motion give these benefits:

Feeling a part of something
Connection of others who enjoy sport and movement skills
Improve school performance and all cognitive functioning [good for all AGES!]
Give a channel for showing commitment
Give a model for directing energy
Aids personal control of weight and health
Raises awareness of the role of SPORT in the world: as a tool for friendship
Give a sense of sharing common effort and concentration

Moving in new ways

What to try? Here's the answers!

Each day unfolds with a rapid pace and demands on both caregivers' activity as well as on youngsters chances to PLAY....are somewhat few and often narrow both in variety and frequency.

Just as we tell ourselves:

  • To invent ways to use my calories/energy
  • Walk more
  • Scale the stairs often
  • Plan workout times
  • Find fun through physical activity

Think of ways to bring your children's needs to move UP to that full one HOUR a day LEVEL!
Give your kids these quick challenges: self-testing

To provide simple challenges, with your request to:

  • Show me if you can HOP on one foot 3 times while staying in one SPOT.
  • Can you roll like a log?
  • Who can take a rope and shape it into a circle-on the floor? Then stand inside that circle and JUMP to land outside the circle on 2 sturdy feet?

If you would want to make time for good movement abilities development, if you are a teacher or caregiver of youngsters, you might consider following the KidSKILLS Movement and Sports Training series of Training Manuals.

In this series of 6 Training Manuals your children will develop their abilities:

  1. Feet First Skills in Place
  2. Moving Right Along! Locomotion Skills
  3. Go! Stop! Go! Stopping Movement
  4. Up and OVER! Leaving the Floor
  5. Making Muscles! Body Management
  6. Hang On! Handling Objects

So, make today's hours contain some quick drill to build a child's awareness of HOW much force to place into an action. That FOCUS uses the same learning principle of concentration that will build BOTH learning abilities and physical skill development.

The KidSKILLS programs offer this perspective on helping children:

  • Learn to Move
  • Move to Learn
  • Learn to LEARN
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