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FOCAL Success Story

Year Round charity helping foster children
Year Round charity helping foster children
photo from Penny Bright

FOCAL, Foster Children’s Alliance, is a year round charity that raises money to support local foster children. Their biggest fundraiser is their Christmas toy drive. Local DHR obtains wish lists from all current foster children and with the help of volunteers FOCAL works to fill those lists by Christmas.
This year was a great year. The lists were all filled and all that was left was for the volunteers to sort them out and make deliveries. 9 days before Christmas the warehouse of toys was robbed.

The workers were in shock. Someone had knowingly taken toys from parentless children at Christmas. That is pretty bad! A local news agency picked up the story and in less than one day enough money had been raised to replace almost all stolen items! Talk about a success story!

The even better news is that people are continuing to donate to the charity! All monies collected go directly to the children in foster care in some capacity. FOCAL is ran totally by volunteers so there is no overhead costs, no building to maintain, no workers to pay or reimburse. These people have such a heart for the children.

So far no arrests have been made but a new development has given some hope that the crooks might be caught after all.

FOCAL is still taking donations and if you would like to help just visit their site

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