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Foam Day in Dedham

When I first started living in Dedham I was amazed by all of the cool events and activities they had for kids. I was especially amazed when I read about Foam Day being held at the Dolan Pool. The description of the day simply wrote that firefighters spray foam and will wash the kids off with their fire hoses. Sadly, I have to admit, that my initial thought was that they would fill the actually pool with foam and the kids would play or swim in that. So, I packed my up son Dylan complete with my bathing suit, his suit, goggles, arm floats and of course towels.

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Of course I was running late so I drove my car over to it and tried to find a place to park. After finally finding a spot, we walked over to see the swarm of very antsy kids all lined up and eager to go. That is when we saw a firefighter out in the field in front of the Dolan Pool with what could be described as a fire extinguisher device. At the right time, he started it up and proceeded to start to fill the field with the foam. The kids all stood around getting more and more excited but they needed to wait for the correct time. Once they said okay, it was a mad rush to get into the foam first. It was hard hold my son back while I got put down things I wanted to keep dry so he took off running.

It was a hot day, so I wandered into it as well with my clothes on. It felt like getting into a bubble bath without the water. The foam had coolness to it and gave my skin a ticklish feeling. I soon realized though, that it was hard to walk in flip flops because my feet got very soapy and slippery. There were kids everywhere losing their shoes or their goggles. And they all resembled bubble monsters. After all the fun, the fire fighters did wash all of the soap off of everyone with their fire hose. We dried off a little and proceeded to walk home in order to save the car from getting wet.

This year, foam day is coming up again on Wednesday August 3rd at 10:00am. This year, I will certainly be more prepared. I will save the gas and walk over to it. I will make sure that my boys again have goggles and their bathing suits on and will need nothing else taken off or put on. I will have them (and myself) wear water shoes so that they stay on their feet. And will find a spot on the edge to leave the towels so that I can follow my 2 year old into the mayhem and fun.

See everyone there!