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Fmr. Bell police chief could make millions tax-free

Eight current and former City of Bell officials appear in court
Eight current and former City of Bell officials appear in court
(Photo by Al Seib-Pool/Getty Images)

Reportedly, former Bell police Chief Randy Adams had himself declared disabled as he took the job of police chief, one which paid him a salary of $457,000 a year when he recently resigned in midst of the city's salary scandal.

The Los Angeles Times has reported that Adams declared disability for back, knee and neck problems, a move that could make him millions in tax-free pension when he retires. The disability pension, estimated $205,500 per year, would not be subject to state or federal taxes.

It appears that Adams arranged the disability pension with then-City Manager Robert Rizzo, who was arrested Tuesday along with 7 other current and former city officials.

As he prepared to leave his job as Glendale police chief, Adams had filed for a non-disability retirement but then rescinded the application when he got the Bell job in July 2009.

Adams' former boss, Glendale City Manager Jim Starbird was quoted by the Times saying, "He was not disabled."

The legality of the agreement is questionable on its face since it means that the city hired Adams after determining him unfit for the job.

Mark Pachowicz, Adams' attorney, said that Adams was disabled and the agreement was designed to so that he would not have to fight Bell for a medical pension.

Pachowicz said the former police chief wanted to make sure that the city was "well aware of his physical capabilities."


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