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FlyKly Smart Wheel makes bicycle commuting fun

The FlyKly Smart Wheel will transform an everyday bicycle into an electric powered bike at a fraction of the cost of the electric bicycles on the market today. If commuting in the Orlando area by bicycle sounds like a daunting task due to the heat and humidity, then this innovative concept in wheel design may provide a refreshing alternative to sitting in crawling traffic in rush hour. The new SunRail train will accommodate at least 12 bikes per train and when those slots fill up, riders can stand with their bikes in the train car.

The Smart Wheel can replace the back tire of almost any style bicycle. Once installed, the wheel hub which contains a battery-powered motor will have the ability to propel the bike at speeds up to 25 miles per hour for as far as 50 miles per charge. To recharge the wheel, the cyclist need only coast downhill or pedal the bicycle.

What makes the Smart Wheel smart? The wheel is designed to be used in conjunction with the free FlyKly app for smartphones. A rider can set their desired maximum speed to travel in the app and it will adjust the speed when the wheel senses the cyclist begins pedaling.

The FlyKly app can be used independently from the Smart Wheel by any cyclist to monitor and record their speed, distance, travel time, location and their route. Information collected by the FlyKly app can be used by riders to determine potentially faster, safer and more enjoyable routes to take to their destinations. On a broader scope, the app's collected data can be anonymously uploaded to FlyKly's servers and then it can be made available to cycling initiatives, traffic safety advocates, urban planners and city officials to utilize when planning bike lanes/trails and making urban areas more bicycle friendly.

The FlyKly app is free and available now for download at iTunes. FlyKly is currently taking pre-orders for the Smart Wheel at their website. The Smart Wheel retails for $590.00. The FlyKly Smart Light that holds and charges smartphones during trips retails for $59.00. Both are shipped free with an expected shipping date of June 2014.

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