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Flying to Disneyland

Disneyland can be expensive, but with a little work this magical land can be visited on almost any budget.

Some of the Princesses on a float
Saralyn Wilhelmi

One of the largest expenses of traveling to Disneyland is usually airfare. Guests who travel during the off-peak season, when schools are in session, which happens in January, February, or October, can save hundreds of dollars. This also means that attendance in the park is at the lowest so riding a favorite attraction multiple times is more likely to happen.

If traveling within the United States, normally the cheapest time to find airfare is six weeks in advance and signing up for email updates from places like can help travelers figure out the best time to book a flight.

Flying during the week versus the weekend can also have an impact on the price for airfare. However for guests who live within around 600 miles from the park, it might actually be cheaper for them to drive to Disneyland and stay at one of the nearby hotels while traveling instead of buying a plane ticket.

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