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Flying the friendly skies from DFW airport this Thanksgiving holiday

American Airlines jet
American Airlines jet
AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

Travelers flying out of DFW airport for the Thanksgiving holiday this week could get a break in airport parking.

The airport is offering $10 parking vouchers for travelers who find that the remote and express parking lots are full (imagine that on a holiday). Vouchers are good for terminal and valet parking at DFW airport only.

More passengers traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday don't mean more flights. In fact, airlines reduced capacity over the summer, meaning there are fewer planes in the air - and those that are, are full.

If you fly:
1. Prepare for packed flights
2. Wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off at security
3. Arrive early for your flight (1.5 hours for domestic/2 hours for international)
4. Anticipate longer lines than usual
5. Consider checking in online prior to arriving at the airport
6. Skip checking a bag and pack the basics in a carry on
7. If you must check a bag and you are traveling with family/friends, pack belongings together to cut down on checked luggage fees
8. If you haven't traveled in a while, familiarize yourself with the TSA rules currently enforced in airports (i.e., three 0.4-ounce bottles of liquid that fit into one quart-size plastic bag)

Click here to read about added baggage fees during peak holiday travel days. Airlines recommend visiting their Web sites or calling ahead of time to check luggage fees and baggage rules for the holiday season.

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  • Sherri Thornhill 5 years ago

    Brave people fly on Thanksgiving with big crowds!lol I'm staying home!

    Dallas Genration X Examiner
    Kaufman County Crime Examiner

  • Ginger Valentine 5 years ago

    I am so grateful I don't have to fly, but if I did, this would surely help me keep my sanity!

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