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Flying solo on Valentine's Day: Love is in the air

Skywriting and stunts aren't necessary to show your love on Valentine's Day.
Skywriting and stunts aren't necessary to show your love on Valentine's Day.
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Somewhere between first grade and college, Valentine's Day shifts from red construction paper hearts and cupcakes after recess to making or breaking a relationship with dinner reservations and grand romantic gestures. Some singles never graduate from the lonely hearts club, and allow themselves to feel blue on Cupid's big day if they don't have a honey, but flying solo on February 14th doesn't have to include skywriting love notes.

It's possible to look at the holiday as more than a romantic love fest, and create a day of sharing and caring, in general. It's easier to pick up one's spirits when thinking of those less fortunate, and doing good deeds on February 14 is a wonderful way to increase your heart rate. Whether volunteering at a charity or anonymously providing candies or cards to neighbors and colleagues, you've contributed to the spirit of the day. Give yourself one. Or five. Hallmark will love you.

There is an anti-Valentine's Day movement complaining that greeting card companies contrived the holiday and that it cheapens romance and places undue pressure on relationships. Perhaps the idea of just one day to signify love and expressions of gratitude between partners should not be abolished, but more days should be celebrated. Would we call that a pro-romance movement?

Whether or not you celebrate Valentine's Day, it's one day and then it's over. No amount of candy, cards or flowers will make love any stronger on February 15th. They will be greatly discounted, however. If you have a special someone, just do some simple things with red construction paper and candy hearts together in candlelight. Get creative with the special card in the kiddie box that says it's for "Teacher". If gifts and a reservation at Chez Snob are the only way to show you're romantic, you need some more schooling.

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