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Flying saucer as big as a house hovers in couple's front yard in Spring Hill, Tennessee

                           Following report received by Tennessee State MUFON Director on 12/13/09

   On  December 10, 2009 at 10 pm, a man in Spring Hill, Tennessee went out to his front driveway to get something from  his pick-up truck. As he was starting to open the door to his truck,  his attention was caught by a light in his right peripheral vision. When he looked in that direction, he saw a disc-shaped object "as big as a house" not far above the trees with a row of yellowish/white lights around its rim that were either blinking in rapid sequence or rotating. He also noticed a steadily glowing dim red light on top of this object. It was making no sound whasoever. This thing was moving extremely slowly in a straight line path from right to left, seeming at times almost to hover. He watched this object for about a minute and then decided to race into his house to get his video camera. He had also screamed to his wife to come out to see it.

  His wife came and stood on their front porch while he dashed in to get  his camera. He got back in time to try to capture this thing on video, but his hand was shaking so bad with excitement that he was unable to steady the camcorder, so the footage he got was worthless for determining what both he and his wife were viewing with such awesome clarity.  His wife ran upstairs to observe the object from a higher vantage point. As they both continued to watch, the object gradually moved away to the west and out of sight.

  About thirty-minutes later a police car came by. It was his neighbor who worked for the Columbia Police Force. Our witness hailed this man to ask him if he had heard any reports of a UFO sighting. The man looked at  him skeptically and said, "no." As he was talking to this policeman/neighbor, the disc returned! This time it was not as close as before but well within range of seeing it distinctly.  "Look! Look!" the witness shouted to his neighbor, pointing in the direction where the UFO had just reappeared. "What the hell is that?" the policeman exclaimed. The disc quickly departed. The police officer's skepticism was now squelched. He did offer the lame explanation that this might have been a military drone but then decided that they don't move that slow. His parting comment to our reportee was, "unbelievable!"

  Our witness checked with the Spring Hill Police Department but no one had reported anything!