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Flying reptile exhibition at Museum of Natural History opens today

The "Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs" exhibition opens today, the American Museum of Natural History announced on Saturday.

An exhibition looking at the history of pterosaurs opens today at the American Museum of Natural History.
American Museum of Natural History

The exhibition, held in the LeFrak Family Gallery, features pterosaurs, flying reptiles that lived from around 220 and 66 million years ago. Although they are close cousins of dinosaurs, they developed on a separate branch of a reptile family tree.

The exhibition includes rare pterosaur fossils such as the Tropeognathus mesembrinus, the Dawndraco kanzai and the Dimorphodon. Visitors can use their bodies to pilot a pterosaur over a prehistoric landscape in a virtual flight lab.

The exhibition was curated by Mark A. Norell, curator and chair of the Division of Paleontology, and Alexander W. A. Kellner, associate professor at Museu Nacional/Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

The exhibition will conclude on Jan. 4, 2015. Museum hours and admission ticket information can be found on the museum's official website.

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