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Flying car taking pre-orders: SkyRunner parked in driveways across nation soon?

The flying car named Skyrunner is now taking pre-orders.
The flying car named Skyrunner is now taking pre-orders.
Skyrunner website

Look, up in the sky, is that a car or is that a plane? No, it's you, or it least it can be you with the latest flying car now taking pre-orders for production. A flying car is something that only the fictional "Jetsons" owned up until now. With a new company offering their SkyRunner to the masses, you could be a proud owner of the latest road to air vehicle, according to NewsMax on July 26.

This is a flying car that can go from the road to the runway, letting you take your journey all in one vehicle. The biggest problem in developing a plane that turns into a car deemed roadworthy, was what to do with the wings.

You can't just have the wings spread out on a car going down the highway, so this company need to devise something to get the wings out of the way when using the car mode of this vehicle. Once they figured this out, the third generation flying car is now deemed road and air worthy.

As you can see on the SkyRunner website, this car isn't one of the funky looking cars of the past, the company actually paired the flying aspect with an all-terrain-vehicle. So it can travel places where you wouldn't venture with a traditional car.

The New York Daily News reports that this flying car is more like a "para-jet" than it is a plane. It has "para-glider" wings, which gives it the best of both worlds. It travels at a good speed and it can glide if you ever encountered trouble.

The SkyRunner can reach speeds of 60 mph in the air from a standstill in 4.3 seconds. On the ground it can reach speeds up to 115 mph. Using its three-blade carbon propeller it gets off the ground when you reach the speed of 37 mph.

It appears the creators of this flying car thought of everything as far as safety goes. The plane is built like a glider, so if anything happened while on a flight, the plane would gently glide to the ground. By doing this they have put the possibility of a crash landing very low.

The company is getting "a lot of interest from the leisure sector" of the population. There are also other uses for this flying car when it comes to search and rescue and military use. The company is still in the process of evaluating these uses.

SkyRunner is hoping to get enough pre-orders to go into production with the flying cars. Anyway you look at it the SkyRunner probably won't be parked in every driveway across the nation anytime soon.

The cost of one of these vehicles runs $119,000 to $139,000, putting the flying car out of reach for a vast number of people in the general population. While it could be a toy for the rich and famous, as it carries a price tag similar to some of the high-end sports cars.

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