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Flying car now available for purchase, 'Skyrunner' pre-orders begin (+Video)

The flying car is a transportation concept that is in full swing although the concept of a vehicle that dominates both the air and the road is actually almost as old as aviation. However, there is a long and uncertain road ahead. Now, a company called Parajet International Ltd. hopes to attract enough customers for its SkyRunner flying car so commercial production can begin. News Max reported Friday that flying car was shown at an airshow in England earlier this week and the company announced that they are taking pre-orders.

The flying car gained worldwide attention at the world's largest aviation exhibition, Farnborough Airshow, which was held in London. The Skyrunner boasts a buggy-style design and takes off and flies with the help of parachutes.The car operates as both a standard off-terrain vehicle and as a flying machine. Almost reminiscent of motorized paragliding, the SkyRunner can fy as high as 15,000 feet and as fast as 55 mph, once in the air.

Capable of reaching speeds of up to 115 miles an hour on the ground and flying for three hours, depending on the size of the fuel tank, the vehicle now just needs a market, Managing Director Tom Prideaux-Brune explained at the airshow.

“We have a lot of interest from the leisure sector, but we’re just evaluating potential uses,” Prideaux-Brune said.

The Skyrunner is the brainchild of inventor Gilo Cardozo, who is a seasoned adventurer having flown to a height of 29,494ft over the summit of Mount Everest with TV-survialist Bear Grylls.

"Flying over the desert in a flying car is absolutely surreal. It's an extraordinary experience," Cardozo said to BBC News. "In the right environment, when you've learnt to fly, it's very safe."

Parajet said the flying car will cost between $119,000 and $137,000 and the company hopes to start delivering the SkyRunner sometime during the first quarter of 2015.

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