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Flying car by Terrafugia: TF-X seats 4, flies at 200 mph, no runway needed

A flying car was once just a fantasy, something you might conjure up in your mind while sitting in gridlock on the highway. Today the flying car is up and running, although it is just a prototype, it won’t be too long before a car that flies will be on the market, according to NewsMax on May 1.

Flying car by Terrafugia called the TF-X is being developed by MIT alumni who started the Terrafugia company.
Terrafugia, TF-X/ promo photo

A street legal flying car has been in operation since 2009. It has flown in and out of a New York airport. This futuristic-looking car is called the Transition and this $280,000 vehicle was created by the company Terrafugia, which is Latin for “escape from Earth.” It is a one of a kind car that goes from the road to the runway and then into the air.

MSN News reports that the new TF-X is offers four seats in this flying car and will have some of the bells and whistles in technology that are not available yet in any vehicles. The group of MIT alumni who formed the Massachusetts-based Terrafugia company are bringing their dream to the drawing board in hopes of filling the skies with flying cars one day.

Today a group of MIT graduates who formed Terrafugia are in the process of taking this concept to the next level with the TF-X, a new car that won’t need an airport to land like its predecessor, the Transition. The TF-X flying car will take off vertically, much like a helicopter. This car will go from the road to the sky and back down to the road. It won't need a runway.

The propellers will sit upright and spin until the car reaches about 100-feet, then the propellers swivel into position so that it can move the car like a plane. You can actually take off in this car from a parking space and land it in the same way.

TF-X could reach 200 mph in cruising speed and let you get from point A to point B just as the crow flies. The car has limits you will need to work with, as it will travel up to 500 miles in one trip, so a coast to coast no-stop flight is out of the question for now.

The big plus is the training you will need to operate the new flying car. It will take just a matter of five hours to learn what you need to know to pilot this flying car. Much of the work is done for you through computers.

TF-X powertrain will have “plug-in hybrid capabilities, producing 1,500 horsepower from the two propellers.” An on-board gas tank will work in keeping the batteries charged. While the car’s design is taking hold, it won’t be road ready for at least another decade.

This cool car will make getting somewhere much faster and provide a great view while doing so, but this brings on a whole new area in air traffic control. Eventually when enough of these cars are sold, one could only imagine that the skies could be just as treacherous as the highways.

Can't you just read the headlines twenty years into the future? They are bound to mention something about sky-rage and pilots instead of road rage and drivers!

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