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FLUXX Hosts Charity Event to Benefit Marine Mammal Project

Nervo captivating a capacity crowd
Nervo captivating a capacity crowd
Fluxx San Diego

San Diego's premiere nightclub Fluxx, partnered with LED and Grammy Award Winning DJ duo Nervo to present the charity event FREE the SEA. The event, which was held this past Wednesday at the ever-changing superclub, raised $15,000 dollars for the International Marine Mammal Project.

FREE the SEA was a success, as Fluxx, the heavyweight among San Diego nightspots, was able to flex its popularity and pack the house for this charitable cause. Fluxx's current theme 'Abyss' enabled the nightspot to provide a suitable platform for the cause by conjuring up another one of its spectacular themed evenings, all the while, bringing awareness to this charitable purpose. Supporters and attendees were treated to a great night of visual spectacle accompanied by top notch entertainment; some of the event's entertainment guests included Michael Woods, Chris Lake, Funkagenda and to name a few with 100 percent of the door's proceeds going to IMMP.

Nervo were put on to IMMP and its cause after watching the CNN documentary Blackfish which highlighted the harsh living conditions for killer whales at famed aquatic theme park Sea World. The documentary opened eyes to the abuse taking place at the theme park which is why the Australian sister duo (Nervo) stuck around the entire evening at Wednesday's event in an attempt to "save one dolphin at a time".

The night was a success for Fluxx and the IMMP as philanthropists, animal lovers, and fans alike were able to enjoy an evening out while supporting a cause that helped bring awareness to marine mammals and the suffering they are enduring today.

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