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Fluxus Review: Calling all Softies


Softness conjures up all sorts of images: The Snuggles fabric softener bear, 400+ thread count, kittens, baby skin, mink, velvet. I'm sure you get the idea. Fluxus, an art-meets-everyday apparel line,  got another idea and has taken lax style and delicate cottons to a new "must have" category.

 Martin Paquette, the brains behind Fluxus that launched in 2007, got the name Fluxus from a Latin word meaning “to flow.” It is inspired by one of the most radical and experimental art movements of this century, blurring the lines between all artistic genres, finding influences in Dadaism and futurist performance.

Fluxus uses materials such as jersey cotton, sheer modal, tri-blend and the signature hand of the burnout in avant-garde shapes and cuts. My new personal favorite, the Burnout Tee with a wide pocket off to the side that falls just about near the rib cage.

A line that draws inspiration from various cultures and art forms, Fluxus' motto is: There is life, there is art and in between is fashion. Each piece is constructed with intention to inspire and comfort with out breaking the bank, with prices ranging from $50-$98.

Burnout Tee in white.

I've been wearing the Burnout Tee and can't get over how incredibly soft it is and how my tiny Lip Venom lip gloss fits perfectly in the pocket! I have paired it with jeans and leggings. One day I wore it alone and the next layered it up. It's versatility made me smile. Even though my layers consisted of a long tank and a long sleeve underneath, I can see myself wearing this in the spring with shorts or a mini.

Fluxus also makes scarves that are equally as soft and oversized, perfect for winter. Not a bad idea for a last minute holiday gift as well! I have not stopped wearing it inside or outside and have had nothng but numerous compliments.

If you live in the Boston area, Fluxus is carried at 344 or online at Singer 22. Let's hope Mr. Paquette gets inspired in his sleep to create a line of sleepwear or even a blanket!