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Flurry of UFO sightings continues for Oshawa resident

After a recent flurry of UFO sightings on June 26, 27 and 29, 2014 over southern Ontario skies, Paul Shishis says the trend does not appear to be stopping anytime soon.

Paul Shishis first noticed a glowing red light high up in the sky over Oshawa, Ontario.
Paul Shishis first noticed a glowing red light high up in the sky over Oshawa, Ontario.
Paul Shishis

“It just keeps going here with more UFO sightings,” said the Oshawa resident.

On June 30 at approximately 10:52 p.m. Shishis was outside socializing with one of his neighbors when he noticed something odd a few thousand feet up in the northern sky.

“A bright orange light was traveling from west to northeast,” he said. “The speed was quite fast leaving a 30 - 40 second window to observe this strange orange light.”

Shishis brought it to the attention of four others present and they “appeared shocked,” he said wondering what it could be.

“Due to its speed and appearance I would dismiss this as a Chinese Lantern,” he noted.

As usual, he had his camera in his pocket. In the past, he has often experienced an innate feeling that a UFO would show up and again, one did.
So how fortunate I had my camera in my pocket –

“Oh, that feeling!”

Shishis had less than 20 seconds to capture the object on film, with his camera and a short video being taken.

Last year, Shishis was with the same neighbor when a UFO appeared, which was similar to this most recent sighting. He noted at that time that his neighbor then became a believer. You can find that story HERE.

“This would be my neighbor’s second UFO sighting, as the first one almost exactly one year later,” he noted.

This Examiner has been in regular contact with Shishis through emails and telephone calls for several years now. Over that time, he has shared his more than 400 UFO sightings, as well as photographs of a wide variety of craft, orbs and other phenomenon.

To say his sightings are astounding would be an understatement. UFOs seem to follow him whenever and wherever he goes from his home in Oshawa, to his workplace in Scarborough, the beaches of Lake Ontario and more. What most people do not know, however, is that he was abducted by a strange alien species when he was just a young child.

To learn more about Shishis’ amazing experiences and UFO sightings, you can pick up a copy of Phenomenal Paul: An Incredible True Tale of Insect-like Creatures & UFO Sightings HERE.

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