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Fluke fairness for fishermen

Fluke reach maturity when they are 2-years old.
Fluke reach maturity when they are 2-years old.

Good news for recreational fishermen in the tri-state area. According to new rules by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, anglers in New York will now be allowed to “keep 4 fluke measuring 18 inches and longer during the upcoming 128-season beginning in May.

The move seeks to even out regulations and create more fairness for those fishing in shared waters such as Long Island Sound and the Raritan Bay, according to Jim Gilmore, head of the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation and Pat Augustine, a long-term regulator for New York fisheries, who noted that last year New Yorkers could “keep 4 fluke of 19 inches and up, while anglers from Connecticut and New Jersey could keep 5 fish at 17-1/2 inches and up while fishing side-by-side with them.”

“This is great,” exclaimed NY Senator Charles Schumer, who has been a strong advocate of “fluke fairness.”
The measure has also been applauded by local charter boat captains, who have often expressed frustrations over the discrepancies when taking out fishing parties.

Note: 3-year old fluke generally measure about 15 inches weighing between 1-3 lbs. However, they can grow to be more than 30 inches long and weigh more than 20 lbs. The record for the largest fluke caught, however, belongs to Monica Oswald from Neptune City, N.J., who landed a 24.3 pounds, 38.25 inches in Monmouth County on August 17, 2007.