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Floyd vs. Amir: The Wrath Of Khan - The Fall Of Mayweather

Some of us have to wait until the evening to get a moment in the sun. And if you're Amir Khan, the thought of twilight has never seemed brighter for someone so young.

Mayweather will face a force from the undeserving Khan- for that very reason.
Koncrete Jungle

Khan is somewhat of a conundrum.

The video that accompanies this article underscores what seems to be a glaring hole in his character. Ask yourself if you believe his explanation for the inexplicable a few years ago. Even the best defense lawyer would probably erupt in laughter and fart in the process.

When your last name is Khan - and it sounds just like you think it does - the last thing you want to do is lie to someone publicly about anything.

Especially to yourself.

So all of his alleged recent perversions aside (welp, see here), I don't really care- but he should. When you're dealing with the methodical WBC welterweight champion and RING's reigning #1 ranked pound for pound best fighter on the planet in Floyd Mayweather, everything matters.

He looks for holes in your game- the minutiae. Even if its as small as the one between a needle and thread, he needs to find something to make bigger. The only reason Khan (no relation to dude from "Star Trek", a couple promises on this folks) is getting this May 3rd situation is because he's viewed as flawed.

Its for this reason alone that Virgil Hunter is a very wise choice for Khan, and why he just "might" beat Mayweather. Khan is not equipped to deal with chaos the way Manny Pacquiao is. Pacquiao seems to bask in turmoil, while Amir bakes in it.

The volatile and uber-aggressive style of Freddie Roach will not leave him anytime soon, but its Hunter's cold-blooded insouciance that may correct character defects in Khan that will guide him to a truth I'm not sure he's always believed.

Amir can be among the most elite in the sport- but he's gotta stop making sh** up.

He never dropped Pacquiao in sparring, and he never even sparred with Andre Ward. Whether some hoochie was bobbing for his apples is debatable- but we know he lied about those two.

Its juvenile, and only someone who's thoughts border on delinquent insecurity would do such a thing. In short, Hunter (along with the presence of Ward) can turn him into a man of controlled wrath.

But will that be enough to beat Mayweather? Here's what I think will happen.


In more ways than one, this is uncharted territory for Floyd, and he's about to swim in waters with a Great White Shark.

I don't believe Khan deserved this shot no more than you do. And to be frank, this was cheap of Floyd and his team. The saying is- you get what you pay for. And for someone who's nickname is "Money", who now spends most of his time window shopping for legacy, he can't afford to finance karma.

But that's exactly what he's trying to do.

Amir will be a massive welterweight on the night of May 3rd, possess above average ring generalship, really good feet, pretty good power, and (here's the "big thing") plenty of speed. In fact, I think he's faster than Mayweather. Not with the singular strike (Floyd remains the best in the game at this), but in combination punching he'll be a problem.

Another problem is Amir has just turned 27 and is in his absolute prime. He is not a "waiter", meaning he's not a counter-puncher with heavy feet. Khan has all the attributes and physical tools to grind Mayweather into a battle of attrition.

So much so that he can actually stop Mayweather late.

Floyd wants to pot-shot, does not like to throw in combination, and wears a master poker face throughout his fights. Virgil Hunter will have Amir Khan having none of this, and this will be a pitched battle for Floyd.

Because he's great, I think Floyd will find a way to exploit Khan's major Achilles heel- his chin from Hong Kong, and shatter it somewhere around the 11th round. I see Khan literally forcing Floyd to knock him out- which I think he will.

But- Khan will do more than enough to raise eyebrows about Floyd come this Fall, when I believe he'll face Manny Pacquiao once and for all.

And fall.

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