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Floyd Mayweather: "Who The **** You Calling A Pre-Maidana?"

"I am the Mike Jordan of recording
You might want to fallback from recording
Sh*t that you write it's not important
So it forced him to go for the hype
For being brave and they applaud him
Well misery I will assure them
Nah baby just ignore them"

Floyd Mayweather will face a december-like freeze from Marcos Maidana.

Jay-Z, "Show Me What You Got"

At the time, Jay-Z was a 37 year-old rapper out to prove his dominance and preeminence was still intact. In a showy display of bravado and defiance, he masterfully silenced skeptics and critics alike with a single [and a title] that both challenged and turned back rivals at the same time.

By the time Floyd Mayweather gets set to march to the ring on May 3rd, he will have already turned 37 in March. I believe Jay-Z (at that time in 2006) was talking to himself in as much as he was talking to critics or would-be challengers of his mantle.

Perhaps this song will accompany his ring walk ;)

Time to get my Micheal Buffer on for this (and *SPOILER ALERT* if you don't already know).The reigning and defending WBC super welterweight and WBC welterweight champion, the former super-lightweight, lightweight, featherweight champion and RING Magazine's #1 rated pound for pound king, is set to defend all of this against Argentinean menace and WBA welterweight champion Marcos Maidana.

If Adrien Broner was "a cow" that had "messed with the bull" [see "Pulp Diction"], then Mayweather is the cash cow who will attempt to matador him in fancy style.

And this is what the **** I'm talking about. This is big boy mansion stuff and what you're supposed to do when you also want to defend your "TBE" title as well.

Like Floyd- I am a practiced asshole. Pretty good at it (he knows this).

Around this time last year, he was giving Canelo Alvarez the run around while trying to get him to commit to his card with Robert Guerrero. It almost worked.

Floyd has always known that he needs someone opposite him of real value to sell his fights. So when Alvarez got Trout in San Antonio to massive numbers and his Guerrero fight (where he was brilliant) went down a Showtime toilet, he made some adjustments, and this article helped him [see "A 44-0 Loser"].

I didn't think he'd beat Alvarez, but I also didn't think Canelo would be so badly effected by the "Catchweight" of 152lbs. Critics will correctly point out that Floyd dismissed Manny Pacquiao's win over Miguel Cotto for getting him at 145lbs. But I saw enough to suggest Pacquiao would've beaten Cotto straight up- just like I saw enough to convince me Floyd would've beaten Alvarez at 154.

He knew Canelo was a "waiter" who might serve him with appetizers, but that he could forget about an entree. That win absolutely has merit- but he wasn't gonna get any with Amir Khan [see Floyd: A Mere Con... Seriously?] and he knew it.

After watching him shamelessly send arch-nemesis Manny Pacquiao ridiculous Christmas cards (and not sending a few in the mail to Danny Garcia and Lucas Matthysse for selling Mayweather/Alvarez on the undercard) and playing games in social media- real fans were raising eyebrows.

He even sent Khan on BET's "106 & Park" to sell him to "you", while later leaving the country for South Africa to try to bash Pacquiao globally.

It backfired.

He kept delaying who he'd pick, but then as word got out that Broner would face Maidana in a rematch, it seemed to only leave Khan- while only leaving him with more of a "Problem" (Hello Adrien ;) ).

Floyd has always timed things well and knows when he's backed into a corner.

When Pacquiao actually challenged his manhood [see "Pacquiao: The Silence of The Lamb"] and then signed to face Timothy Bradley in a rematch, Floyd knew he could not trump successive Pacquiao triumphs over Brandon Rios and Bradley with a win over Khan.

Especially if he looked bad - or God forbid he lost - and this article [see "A 45-0 Loser"] helped him.

In the next day or so, Floyd Mayweather will formally announce that he will indeed face Marcos Maidana in an attempt to add the WBA welterweight title to his collection.

In so doing, he will face Broner's recent conqueror, trainer Robert Garcia, and a ferocious opponent at his ideal weight. It is a fight no one can challenge in validity, or accuse Mayweather of taking an easy path.

This one is dark- but this is what true champions do.

He'll graciously tell you that he's giving you the fan what you want - but it's way more than that. He's really after the ultimate in history, and will no longer try to deny his destiny. Greatness never does - and for that - he cannot lose.

He's about to show us all what he's got.

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