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Floyd Mayweather vs. T.I. in Las Vegas brawl

This guy nearly played a concerto on T.I.'s face.
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

It's not quite the opponent we want to see take on Floyd "Money" Mayweather, Jr. (ahem *Pacquiao* ahem), but this person is no stranger to this type of trouble. Presenting the Trouble Man himself.... T.I.

On May 24, according to multiple sources, such as dirt-sheet king TMZ, world-class pugilist Mayweather and the Bankhead MC were on opposite sides when a free-for-all broke out at a Las Vegas restaurant. Reportedly, the fisticuffs involved T.I.'s wife, Tameka "Tiny" Harris (nee Cottle), formerly of the R&B outfit Xscape.

T.I.P. (born Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr. in 1980) threw a punch at the boxer (a child could tell you that's not the smartest move in the galaxy), causing members of Mayweather's bodyguards to jump to their boss's defense. Then other diners got involved. Not only did the men involved eat knuckle sandwiches instead of burgers at Sin City's Fatburger, but an employee of the restaurant got slashed. This slashed man refused to seek treatment or tell the police anything. (Fear of reprisals, much?)

This may have started when the boxer (born Floyd Joy Sinclair in 1977, but taking on his father's name years later) yelled to the MC, "Control your b***h!", perhaps referring to Tiny, outside of a casino, which is shown in a video, but nothing is as of yet confirmed as what exactly brought this on. However, New York Daily News reports this had quite a bit to do with an Instagram photo that got under Mayweather's skin - the pic was posted by Tiny, who was posing with the boxer's daughter and referring to the child as "her new boo." Apparently, Money didn't like that. Not. One. Bit.

T.I. and Floyd had already fled the scene when the Las Vegas police arrived to quell the situation.

Why would Tiny need to be controlled? (She and T.I. have been married four years and have two kids.) And who here really needs controlling?

Neither man can seem to keep out of trouble: while the current WBC welterweight champion served time for beating up his ex-girlfriend in 2010, T.I. (along with The Game) recently almost got into it with the LAPD over a misunderstanding, not to mention the latter's many other legal entanglements, some of which involved jail time.

File this under SMH.

Columbia, SC, why place such men on a pedestal? They mess up like any regular person. The fact that one raps and the other boxes should be irrelevant. Let's choose our idols more carefully...... or better yet, don't idolize at all.

We know one MC that didn't come out of Vegas alive....... pray T.I. isn't next.

'Nuff said.

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