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Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana II: No Scorecards Required

"September 13, back to business, Marcos Maidana vs. Floyd Mayweather Part II. Then in May, I'll have a big surprise for you."

Mayweather's rematch with Maidana promises even more action... And a knockout.
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather, at the BET Awards over the weekend

Actually, he had a surprise for me at least with how he made this announcement. You see in the utopia of Mayweather, it is a not so subtle glitch in 'The Matrix' when he doesn't come first. So in offering "Maidana vs. Mayweather Part II", he may have just rendered a portent to his own doom.

I thought Mayweather beat Maidana ever so slightly on May 3rd, but that he didn't really beat him. In the aftermath of their tumultuous affair, trust me when I tell you that Floyd reads just about ALL (he reads everything I write about him - don't you Floyd ;) ) of the reports and/or articles produced about the fight.

Ever sensitive about how he's perceived and looked, he came away convinced only that he needs to show he's not mortal. He wants to dispel the notion that he's slipping or that he's regressed physically. He never wants anyone to believe he's not light years away from the 2nd best fighter pound-for-pound in the sport, and that he's not the greatest fighter to have ever lived.

Not only is he wrong on both counts (I think Gennady "GGG" Golovkin is the world's best fighter- with apologies to the supremely talented Andre Ward because of inactivity and promotional poison), but he's making a big mistake if he thinks Maidana will be ripe game this time.


Its the right thing to do - fighting Maidana again - because it makes sense professionally and commercially given the tense nature of the first. He's still not comfortable with the idea of being beaten up by Manny Pacquiao, so of course he's still out. Amir Khan has religious reasons as to why he can't face him and push Floyd to the absolute brink.

Anyone else (like say the very dangerous Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter, or even Danny Garcia) wouldn't be big enough attractions to get the PPV numbers he needs. Maidana gave him a great fight full of action and intrigue, which is not something you can normally say about a Mayweather fight. But he's already starting to go all Adrien Broner-like asshole in the promotional build-up to the next chapter in their saga.

He actually started this immediately after the fight by proclaiming he could've made it a much easier fight if he wanted to, saying he wanted to "entertain the fans".

Yeah. He like, really said that.

If you really believe that, then I've got some prime and impossibly beautiful real estate to sell you in the swamps of the Florida Everglades, plus a bag of gluten-free chips with it.

What he was - and still is - is angry that Maidana exposed him somewhat, and is eager to put to rest any doubts about his supremacy over him given some feel "Chino" actually beat him (I don't).

Calling a Robert Garcia trained fighter (who's gotten nothing but better and better under his tutelage) a dirty, MMA fighter of limited skill (see the promo video), was not a good idea. It was funny and classic Floyd, and its not the first time he's offended the sport of MMA and its fighters.

It prompted my partner and longtime MMA aficionado Racheal Blaze to ask: "Is he gonna bitch about Maidana wearing Reyes gloves this time?"

My guess would be "no" (lol), but I do think he'll encounter a darker form of deja-vu on September 13th, and may be headed for a surprise well before May 2015.


Not since Floyd's 2002 run in with Jose Luis Castillo has Mayweather been pushed the way Marcos Maidana pushed him, and I mean literally.

Floyd was at times physically manhandled by Maidana in a way that really didn't surprise me much. While there are those who will say that Oscar De La Hoya extended or even beat Floyd with the same methods ( I disagree, I thought Floyd beat Oscar rather clearly), Maidana was effective in a way that Glen Johnson'd Roy Jones.

The rematch will be a whole lot like that fight.

What will get Floyd in trouble in this fight is his pride and his hubris. Both are immense within him and its really admirable when you consider it. But what he doesn't understand is that he is not beyond physics or gravity, because what goes up must indeed come down.

He's been flirting with karma for awhile now, and this is where those eager to see him fall will see it. He showed in their first fight just how much mobility he's really lost and can no longer sustain. Don't think for one minute that he had fun on the ropes or preferred to be there - he didn't.

Its just that he didn't have a choice - or the punch to really keep "Chino" off of him. Neither of those things will change. The only thing that will change is even more pressure and more punishment from Maidana, who'll come in with 24 rounds of hard data on the enigmatic former "Pretty Boy" Floyd.

I use that moniker because as I stated in the first fight, "Money" wouldn't be able to beat Maidana - and you saw that this was true. There would be no dictating of movement in the ring and simple pot-shotting to victory.


Robert Garcia wasn't trying to have that sh*t, and Maidana wasn't either. They're really not having it this time. "Pretty Boy Floyd" stayed in the pocket more and was a little more offensive. He became this way because of his uncle's influence, which is what he was primarily during his dad's hiatus for a good stretch of his career. He's decidedly more defensive with his father at the controls, but had to abandon that (or "Money" Mayweather if you will) in order to win.

He did, but it came at a physical price that will show up in September.

Just like Antonio Tarver was a little reluctant in his first fight with Roy Jones, Marcos Maidana was actually the same way in many respects. He was at times apprehensive in his aggression because Floyd's speed has produced that in a fighter when he dials it up.

This time, Maidana, not unlike Tarver in his rematch with Jones, won't give a f*ck at all, and basically go for broke. That, combined with Floyd's own burning desire to decisively beat this man, will give boxing and we the fans an incredible action fight.

But with Reyes gloves on, and a bear in the woods on a human being-like attack, Maidana will bruise and bust up Floyd over time in the most humbling way he's ever been subjected to. Maidana will go through plenty of punishment himself to do this, but he has the balls to break Mayweather - and he will.

More than likely, you'll see Mayweather officially dropped more from attrition than any single bomb Maidana is capable of landing. In a truly historic bout that will shake up the entire boxing world, Marcos Maidana will bludgeon and batter Floyd Mayweather into submission via 11th round TKO.

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