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Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana: "Game of Foes"

WBC welterweight champ Floyd Mayweather will challenge the WBA's in Argentinean hammer Marcos Maidana.
WBC welterweight champ Floyd Mayweather will challenge the WBA's in Argentinean hammer Marcos Maidana.

You just get the feeling that this is going to be medieval.

Tactical for sure, that's a given with one of the combatants being Floyd Mayweather, the WBC welterweight champion and consensus #1 rated boxer on earth.

In accepting a declaration of war from WBA welterweight champion Marcos Maidana, the mighty Argentinean who just might have "Hercules" somewhere in the family tree, Floyd will put this mythical distinction to test.

It is an exam he will never forget.

I look at this fight as part of a saga that is today's welterweight universe. A vital piece in a real-life pugilistic "Game of Thrones".

If you follow that show, then you know that it weaves complexities in scintillating fashion. Taking us through a labyrinth of lies, betrayal, countermoves and innuendo, the stars - or would be Kings - of boxing's most glamorous division, will vie for that most coveted crown of undisputed supremacy, in a way not unlike the show.

This fight, which will take place after Manny Pacquiao faces Timothy Bradley in an attempt to reclaim his WBO welterweight crown, will go a long way in determining who wears "the ultimate crown".

I believe Pacquiao will defeat Bradley, thus setting the stage for what some would consider an anticlimactic battle between Mayweather and Pacquiao.

Thus, Mayweather vs. Maidana, is almost a penultimate dual for a riveting season finale.

But since our fight drama is replete with plot twists and dimensions of intrigue, something is going to happen along the way to remind us why we watch, for nothing is ever promised.

Especially Kings or their crowns.


Sitting somewhere in the upper northern reaches in his own realm of fire and ice, is "Prince of Fantasy" and emeritus king of deposed pound-for-pound pipe dreams, Amir Khan. Floyd Mayweather knew he couldn't challenge the UK's mercurial and talented wonder.

He simply could not justify this move on the chessboard - not with Khan being beaten by knights and severely challenged by bishops.


So Khan, caught in a winter far worse than the brutal one we've faced here on the east coast, loathes Mayweather for subversive deception.

We know that Floyd just turned 37, and I'm willing to bet 10 million imaginary dollars that even Peyton Manning knows of all 37 reasons why Amir Khan wants Marcos Maidana to kill Floyd Mayweather.

Having faced Maidana in a dark encounter, Khan may try to divulge his gameplan to Maidana, who'll reveal to Amir that he doesn't care, like- at all, while wearing a curious"WTF?" look on his face combined with whatever one you wear when somebody farts... Maidana be like: "GTFOH Rook!"


The prospect of this war is not something Floyd wanted, and I am convinced of that. It is why he took so long to announce a fight he had no choice but to take.

Maidana will have no fear of him and absolutely attack him with fury. He is a far better fighter than the edition prior to Robert Garcia. He features a bludgeoning arsenal, particularly, an over-the-top overhand right that could be catastrophic to Floyd's unblemished record in warfare.

That said, there will be noticeable differences between "Lame of Clone" Adrien Broner and Floyd Mayweather. You will not be seeing "Money" Mayweather - for this fight will feature "Pretty Boy" Floyd.

It has to- or he will lose.

The Robert Garcia trained fighter is tough and ballsy. They are ornery sons of bitches and won't offer a minute of comfort in the 3 minute frames. Mikey Garcia, who I believe is fast becoming one of the best all around fighters on the planet, will help to hone the peaking Maidana form.

Floyd does not want to throw combinations and seeks to pot shot, but he will be made to do something he does not want to do - and forced to abandon what he'd prefer.

This fight will remind you of why he never wanted to fight Margarito - who "Chino" is now actually better than. But because he's "great" (and I do mean that), Floyd will find Maidana's weakness (body shots among a few) and make it bigger.

He is a master of adjustments, and I expect him to adjust settings in his favor going into the championship rounds, after enduring a massive amount of punishment (for him anyway).

It is not out the question that Maidana will stop Floyd in come-from-behind fashion - his power is that game changing; or hang on for a decision after beating up Floyd early, then surviving a proud Mayweather.

But I believe what will most likely happen is Floyd, perhaps bruised, cut or damaged in a way you've never seen, will eventually abandon trying to box or get cute- and fight. He'll employ his "high guard" defense, dangerously walk into the eye of Maidana's storm, and blow him away.

The pick here is Mayweather via 10th round KO, in what will be regarded as an instant classic and a fight for the ages.

It will also set up his fate - and date with destiny.

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