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Floyd Mayweather Sr. thinks Freddie Roach won award because he is a charity case

According to an article Wednesday on, Freddie Roach was recently named "Trainer of the Year" by the Boxing Writers Association of America. The decision did not sit well with several other trainers who questioned the credentials of Roach over the past twelve months to stake claim to that title.

Robert Garcia, in particular, was furious over the decision, saying that it was obvious that he was deserving of the title and that it was a political choice. Jeff Mayweather also disagreed, wondering how it is that nobody who trains Floyd Mayweather, the best fighter in the world, has ever claimed that award.

When Floyd Mayweather Sr., who is admittedly no fan of Freddie Roach, spoke about Roach winning the award, he was quite colorful in the language he used to describe what he believes is a farce of an award. He casually dismissed the accomplishments of Roach trained fighters in Miguel Cotto and Manny Pacquiao, saying those fighters beat nobody of consequence.

In addition to running down Freddie Roach, Mayweather Sr., much like Garcia, said that he is the only logical choice to win the award based on his working with his son. However, he believes that because of the physical ailments that Freddie Roach suffers from, he gets preferential treatment from the people voting on the award. For outspoken trainers like himself, he believes, he has no chance of ever getting the nod, no matter his accomplishments.

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