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Floyd Mayweather: "Punk'd" 1st By Manny Pacquiao, Now Luis Collazo

Luis Collazo openly challenged Floyd Mayweather after spanking Ortiz in 2.
Luis Collazo openly challenged Floyd Mayweather after spanking Ortiz in 2.
Andrew Theodorakis/New York Daily News

In the Atlanta area recently, the region was plagued by a winter storm.

Even on normal days, the city is a traffic nightmare of congestion, and I personally despise Atlanta because of this.

Adding an element of snow to the equation created unseasonably warm traffic, and brought the city to a virtual standstill. Amid accusations by the “Today Show”, Matt Lauer and even weatherman Al Roker that city officials were negligent and irresponsible in its response, Mayor Kasim Reed (and born a fellow proud native of Plainfield, NJ) was forced on the defensive.

He ultimately did not “lie” about avoidance or “ducking” of the situation at hand despite ample time to do something about it. Fairly plausible reports surfaced that the snow was “fake” and a product of nefarious government design.

Not owing any statement to this, he decided the “real” thing he should do is be accountable, contrite, and more than go out of his way to ensure that the people of Atlanta knew he held their best interests at heart.

Can you imagine if Floyd Mayweather was the mayor?

He would probably buy the most expensive snow blower and all the salt in the city for himself. Then, he'd try to sell you a PPV broadcast of him using it. [Take a look at his shameful video destroying Africa]

I know this story is about Luis Collazo (and it is- I'll get to Luis in a minute), but I don't mind using his name at all to promote it.

Know why? That’s because he doesn't mind using “you” to promote himself.


Flashback to a night in May of 2006- the 13th to be exact.

Me and a few partners in crime gathered together at a friend’s house to watch Luis Collazo battle Ricky Hatton for the WBA welterweight title. Hatton scored a flash knockdown and had a few moments, but my memory mostly dials up Collazo moments.

Now, understand something, I smoked a lot of weed that night. But- in between intermittent bouts of munchies and a lot of laughter because I’m a mess, I saw 10 rounds in the basket for Collazo.

It wasn’t lost on me that Hatton was supposed to win while making his 147lb debut from 140, and he looked it. Floyd Mayweather also saw this- and Hatton’s fanbase.

What do you think Floyd’s trying to do with Amir Khan now?

His fighting of Khan now, would be like him fighting Hatton after Pacquiao damn neared killed Ricky at his unbeaten weight of 140. This, following what everyone in the boxing world knows was a loss to Collazo at 147.

How can he justify Khan after what we saw with his horrible KO loss to immortal Hall of Famer Bredis Prescott, and was used as a mop by Danny Garcia? We'll leave out Marcos Maidana and Lamont Peterson.

“Eh mmm!”, I had to clear my throat… Here’s where if you're a devout Floyd Mayweather fanatic you need to go get a chair and a glass of water now.

You won’t like what I’m about to say.

Colin Kaepernick, QB of the San Francisco 49ers, made a fairly good point about CB Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks. He said that Sherman “doesn’t need to tell anyone he’s the best if he really is. Sounds like he’s not all that confident he is.”

Well all I know is Sherman not only lead the NFL in interceptions, but he also happens to face the best WR’s in the NFL every single Sunday. And he’ll do it again in the Superbowl.

That’s called talking s*** and backing it up.

Conversely, Floyd wants to play Wild Card teams while telling you it’s the biggest game and that he’s the “best ever”.

That’s called a joke.

I dare you to compare what you saw last night from Collazo while demolishing the “Made in China” Victor Ortiz via 2nd round one-punch massacre, with what you saw from Ortiz when he faced Mayweather. He struck Mayweather repeatedly in that forever questionable fight, and had the audacity to be asking for a rematch with the 8th wonder of the world before getting his ass kicked last night.

The only thing Ortiz is asking Collazo for now is Excedrin.

I can almost assure you that Floyd won’t respond to Luis Collazo, who looked into FOX cameras and directly challenged Floyd to get in the ring with him, anymore than he'll respond to Manny Pacquiao’s questioning of his manhood and offer to fight for charity.

Luis Collazo (35-5), 32, is a southpaw as well as Pacquiao, and a far better fighter than fellow Brooklynite Paulie Malignaggi while not getting nearly the opportunities Paulie has.

Or Ortiz for that matter.

Gee Floyd we’re wondering, since you come from outer space, why on earth would you possibly consider Collazo’s challenge?

Because you know he’ll show the world that you're a mere mortal.

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