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Floyd Mayweather, Jr. wins fight with broken heart

Floyd Mayweather Jr just won his forty-sixth straight fight last night in a Showtime pay per view event that was epic. Anyone who has followed Mayweather's career knows he takes no prisoners in the boxing ring, but on Saturday, May 3, 2014, Mayweather was challenged. Oddly, his bout versus Marcos Maidana was an unexpected battle that came down to a slim majority decision in Mayweather's favor. An interview Mayweather did with Atlanta's V-103.3 host, Big Tigger, a day before the fight may explain what was going on with the champ.

Did Shantel Jackson break Floyd Mayweather Jr's heart?
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Mayweather did not look like his normal ring controlling self on Saturday night. Maidana literally had Mayweather on the ropes in quite a few rounds, but landed a couple of low blows to help out his cause. Speaking of low blows, Mayweather has recently taken a few low blows at his ex-fiancee, Shantel Jackson, via social media. After pictures surfaced on Instagram of Jackson and rapper, and former minority Charlotte Bobcat's owner, Nelly court-side at a basketball game, Mayweather unleashed his emotions via social media.

Mayweather posted pictures of Jackson pre-plastic surgery and post plastic surgery and claims in the V-103.3 interview that he purchased Jackson's body and face. Mayweather also posted medical reports showing that Jackson aborted the couple's twins after she told him she had a miscarriage. Mayweather says he only learned about the abortion after he initially wanted to talk about the miscarriage in a pre-fight interview. Mayweather claims that Jackson chose to abort the babies because she did not want to ruin her figure. These claims can all be heard in Mayweather's interview with V-103.3.

Jackson and Mayweather called it quits and have gone their separate ways, but they apparently haven't completely broken apart. In the interview with Big Tigger, Mayweather claims he and Jackson have remained intimate during his training camp. Mayweather repeatedly says Jackson hurt him with the abortion and that he essentially fell in love with someone he did not really know.

Mayweather goes on to say he has taken care of Jackson and her family for ten years. He admits to making mistakes in his relationship, but says, "No one is perfect." Mayweather says he still loves Jackson, but has some warning words for both she and Nelly. As to Nelly, Mayweather admonishes him that Jackson has become accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle that Nelly may not be able to afford.

Do you think Mayweather's relationship issues impacted his performance in the ring?

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