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Floyd Mayweather Jr., super shocker: Canelo Alavarez takes fuzzy logic decision

Michael Marley thinks fuzzy scoring will gain Canelo Alavrez humungous if controversial victory over Mayweather
Michael Marley thinks fuzzy scoring will gain Canelo Alavrez humungous if controversial victory over Mayweather
Ethan Miller (Getty Images)

No one is proclaiming Canelo Alvarez to be the Buster Douglas who destroys Mike Tyson.

No one is saying the charismatic Carrot Top from Mexico is not jumping from a ravine to the mountain top in going from Austin Trout to unbeaten Floyd Mayweather Jr.

What the pugilistic pundits, myself included, are saying is: Canelo won't embarrass himself or his country.

His skills are real and while he may wind up just another notch on a perfect Mayweather record of 45-0, the 23 year old is not showing up Saturday night just to collect his easy minimum purse of around $12 million (though he will collect much, much more when all is said and done).

I'm not going to just go out on a limb. I think I will go to the end of the limb, saw it off and land where I may.

It says here an Alvarez victory, one by a controversial split decision, is just the tonic boxing needs to push it above and beyond this genuine Super Fight.

Let's say Mayweather gets $60 million from this one. Imagine, if you can, the Jumbo Jackpot he and the modest but confident Canelo would whack up from a sizzling rematch.

No, on paper, Alvarez cannot logically beat Mayweather. But they fight in rings, not on paper as the sagacious Big Al Braverman used to say and Don King's ultimate henchman was correct.

If Alvarez is persistent over 36 minutes, through all 12 rounds and never tires or fades, some fuzzy scoring can give him the shocker of all shocker upset victories.

So that's the powerful prediction. They'll line up the rematch for next Cinco de Mayo and Mayweather, running out viable foes, has an automatic one in the Mexican wunderkind.

No knockdowns, a few good exchanges, Mayweather shining defensively and offensively. But the Ring King gets the short end of the muddy stick when they read the scorecards.

Mayweather and minions will howl but oh how they will prosper from the certain rematch.

In a Super Fight in its own right, Danny "Swift" Garcia will exchange knockdowns with cement chinned Lucas Matthysse and come away with a late round KO over the formidable, balls to the wall Argentinian.

Garcia can box and slug while the South American is not as versatile as the Philadelphian.

There will be no Brotherly Love in this one. Garcia by TKO, round 11.


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