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Floyd Mayweather Jr. punches in at the Oval Office in 'House of Cards' episode

Michael Marley says Netflix "cameo" without Mayweather's presence is sign of his culutral impact
Michael Marley says Netflix "cameo" without Mayweather's presence is sign of his culutral impact
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He's made millions upon millions of dollars fighting on both HBO and Showtime. But, now in yet another sign of how his prominence keeps expanding, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has gone beyond the two big cable networks.

There I was, binge-watching my way through the second season of political potboiler "House of Cards" when lo, and behold, Mayweather or least his name was being bandied about by fictional President Garrett Walker (Michael Gill) in a tense Oval Office discussion with oil slick Vice President Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey).

That's right, add Netflix to the list of humungous TV outlets where Mayweather has made his "Money" mark.
Guess it's too late for a "spoiler alert" so I will tell you Mayweather is mentioned in Episode 12, Chapter 25 of Netflix's signature series.

The second series began only Friday and I thought I could finish the weekend by plowing through all the new episodes.

But then came the Mayweather stunner when it was least expected.

In an earlier episode, the president was given a punching bag by the VP and the Machiavellian Underwood suggested it could be used by the boss to let off steam as crisis upon crisis befalls him.

The heavy bag disappeared and then Underwood noticed it had returned to the Oval Office.

Pres. Walker explained that Mayweather had come by and given a brief pugilistic display right there.

"(Mayweather) said it's just not his's his tactics, his precision and speed, and most important how he counterpunches...he ducks and he dodges and then picks out the perfect moment to strike," Pres. Walker tells VP Underwood.

As they verbally spar, the president issues a stern rebuke to Underwood.

"You can't duck and dodge like Floyd," Pres. Walker snaps. "I know your moves now."

Even Manny Pacquiao should be impressed by this invisible cameo appearance. After all, he knows plenty about machinations of politics.

Maybe Pacman can demand "equal time" from Netflix.


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