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Floyd Mayweather Jr., boss of boxing, must declare war on Manny Pacquiao now

Mayweather can't keep sitting on sidelines when public demands Pacman showdown
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Let's make it easy for Floyd Mayweather, Jr., to plant the flag.
I mean, after all, he's the Fastest Man On The Planet, the Boss of Boxing, the President of Pugilism, isn't he?
Well, at least Justin Bieber thinks so.
Here, verbatim, is the public statement Mayweather needs to put out right now:
"I can no longer pretend that I don't hear the millions upon millions of my fans and other boxing fans around the globe.
"They are crying out for me to next fight Manny Pacquiao and I want to do this. The fans have been very good to me, even my haters pay their money to watch me perform. I noticed that neither Manny nor I are getting any younger.
"This fight has to happen for historic reasons, I see that now. Pacman was and remains my legacy opponent.

"It would be meaningless, just another payday really, for me to next tackle Amir Khan. Khan has been exposed twice in the ring and is nowhere as dangerous as Pacquiao is.
"Having said that, I will destroy Pacquiao. He used Brandon Rios as a punchbag, sure, but he won't be able to hit me at all. My speed and skills will turn this fight into another Mayweather boxing clinic as I will show just how crude Pacquiao's skills are.
"Let's make the fight for next May in Las Vegas. I want my reps to sit down with Top Rank and or Michael Koncz and get it done. I want my network, Showtime, to carve out some cooperative deal with HBO.
"I want to give the fans the so called Super Fight. History won't be denied but Pacquiao will take a licking which will probably convince him to retire...We better do this before we hit age 40, I think.
"Let's do this. Never let it be said or written in history that Floyd Mayweather Jr. blocked the fight that the public demands..."
Am I dreaming again?

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