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Floyd Mayweather: Hiring of thugs and arrest of Floyd Mayweather fake?

Floyd Mayweather was in the news last week for reportedly hiring thugs to severely beat two employees who working on his Las Vegas homes. According to Epoch Times, the reports are a hoax. The source cites and as creating false reports that Mayweather was arrested and charged with attempted murder and kidnapping.

As the report reminded readers, has a disclaimer at the bottom of their page that reads: “ is a combination of real shocking news and satire news to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief.”

TMZ reported last week that Floyd Mayweather allegedly arranged for thugs to beat two men he believed stole jewelry from one of his Vegas homes. Both men reportedly were so badly injured that they suffered broken arms and legs.

TMZ's report read this:

“We’re told the men are adamant they never took anything from Floyd and it appears Floyd realizes that now. But here’s the problem for the champ — sources familiar with the situation say the attack amounts to attempted murder, mayhem and kidnapping. We’re told the men have retained a lawyer."

Reports currently out state that Floyd Mayweather has not been arrested or charged in any crime at this time.

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