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Floyd Mayweather: Envy, The Color of "Money", and The Root of All Evil

The color of "Money" has rubbed off on Mayweather the wrong way.

Its color is green.

Ironically enough, it is worn all over the face of Floyd Mayweather Jr., even despite the fact that he has a lot of it. The root of all of his evil cannot pay off the wages of its sin.

There is a reason why it is a deadly sin.

Envy is a symptom of a lack of appreciation of our own uniqueness and self worth. When you're plagued with this, it destroys relationships of all kinds and leaves you empty. Each of us has something to give that no one else has. It is not the same thing as Jealousy, which is when you count someone else’s blessing instead of your own.

But this quality also applies to Floyd to a lesser extent when it comes to Manny Pacquiao.

He should know by now that trying to blow out someone else’s candles will not make his shine any brighter. Ali is unique in history for having accomplished this because of a legendary, difference making personality and set of circumstances that were unprecedented.

He always told us who he was and backed it up- which is never bragging when you can do that. He never had to wear a hat to tell us what he decided to show us after telling us he was “The Greatest”.

Nearly 50 years after making an indelible impression among fight historians then and now as the greatest fighter to have ever lived, I can’t imagine Sugar Ray Robinson watching the sight of Mayweather emblazoned in “TBE” hats and shirts. It’s as if he wants to convince himself more than you, and in a way that has nothing to do with merit.

The real “TBE”, or “The Best Ever”, fought fellow all-time great Jake LaMotta six times, winning five of them. He never talked about how many losses a fellow fighter had in an effort to discredit or avoid someone they way Floyd does Pacquiao.

Fellow defensive genius and all-time great Pernell Whitaker, had an incredible resume in comparison to Mayweather’s current one. Like Robinson, he was brash, condescending and obnoxious. But he never looked for ways to avoid prime opposition even when he was outside of it.

I don’t remember Roy Jones Jr. counting money or burning it in the faces of those who helped him make it. The same people who came from the streets he did. Roy had a mouth as big as Ali’s at times, but he wasn’t going to avoid Antonio Tarver- win or lose- and we love him for that.

When I watched Floyd cheering wildly for Pacquiao in his 2006 rematch with Erik Morales, I couldn’t imagine him becoming as envious as he’s become of this man.

No other great has worked as hard as Floyd has to remain unbeaten while avoiding competition (his “retirement” in 2007 was designed to avoid an elite 147lb. pool of talent) and fighters (Kostya Tsyzu, Vivian Harris, Vernon Forest and Antonio Margarito and Paul Williams automatically come to mind beyond Sergio Martinez and Pacquiao) to proclaim “best ever” status.

He’ll conveniently tell the public Pacquiao faces his “leftovers”, but then that’s not what Cotto was when he faced what he thought was a diminished version Pacquiao destroyed nearly 3 years prior.


We'll leave out that Pacquiao’s win didn't count because Cotto fought him at a “catchweight”, even though Canelo was forced to fight him at one.


Floyd told the world recently that Pacquiao faced a “blown-up” lightweight in Brandon Rios. Hmmm. So what was Juan Manuel Marquez if not that, and why did he pay 600K to cheat him on the scales at that to come in at 146lbs? You mean to tell me that Robert Guerrero wasn't a blown up lightweight or super lightweight? Is anyone sure Rios wouldn’t beat Guerrero?

Pacquiao would destroy Robert Guerrero.

Floyd can’t stand the various accolades that were bestowed on Pacquiao or Freddie Roach, yet his bitter green envy can’t mask his insecurity or reluctance to face this man or fight him other than in the media.

What is he going to say on April 13th, if Pacquiao faces and beats Timothy Bradley impressively? All the totally legitimate WBO Champ (who didn’t beat Pacquiao the first time- let’s keep this real) is, is a young black and undefeated threat Floyd wouldn’t know anything about. Why? Because he doesn’t face young or unbeaten black fighters.

Still no word from Floyd on Pacquiao’s challenge of his manhood or fight for charity. Still no official word on how he'll explain Amir Khan’s true credibility, or his 1st round KO loss to Bredis Prescott. Or his near maiming at the hands of Marcos Maidana. Or his complete ass-whooping at the hands of Danny Garcia. Oh let me guess Floyd, it was a long time ago? But is that what you say when you bring up Pacquiao losses.


Know why? Envy.

Everytime he opens his mouth its Pacquiao this or Pacquiao that. What Floyd needs to know is that someone else’s victory isn’t his defeat- or the other way around.

Not even all the “Money” in the world, his nickname and the root of all of his evil, can get him in the ring with a man he envies in a way that baffles the hell out of me. There’s no other explanation for this than he’s scared to face him.

If you’re the TBE- you must BMP...


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