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Floyd Mayweather deserves chance to clear his name in bling bling beatdown

Floyd Mayweather alleged to have been involved in beatdown in Vegas
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Don't mess with Floyd Mayweather's bling.

Is that the lesson learned from Wednesday's TMZ story alleging that the World's Most Famous Fighter and some of his muscular entourage members beat the living daylights out of two men suspected (at least by "Money") of stealing some of his costly jewelery?

I'm a bit skeptical about the story and it isn't because celebrity site TMZ site is the media messenger. TMZ, to be fair, has had scoop after scoop after scoop involving the usual suspect actors, musicians and others.

The story reports that Mayweather learned, after the supposed group beatdown which involved clubs, that the men never swiped any of his glittering bling bling.

I'd like to think Mayweather, at this stage of his life (age 37), is too wise to take the law into his own hands and lead senseless conduct that could turn into felony criminal charges and sent him back to jail.

If Mayweather not only directed such violence but also participated in it, I think the cops in Las Vegas will have to seriously investigate the situation. Charges ranging from attempted murder to gang assault could be derived from such wanton conduct.

(Joke going around Wednesday had it that jewelry thieves "had faster hands than Mayweather." But, as one cynic pointed out, "they obviously don't have faster feet.")

Now, let me put on my lawyer hat.

It's mentioned in the story that the guys who claimed to have been brutally assaulted are represented by an attorney or attorneys.

So now we wait for the other shoe to drop, so to speak...

Will the lawyers involved merely seek a lucrative, confidential civil settlement and refrain from filing a lawsuit once the "victims" are paid off? Will the lawyers tell the "victims" not to cooperate with Vegas cops and/or prosecutors? The lawyers will do just that if the moolah flows the way they want it from Mayweather.

Let's not rush to judgement. Nary a word has been from the Mayweather camp as I write this.

Let's at least afford Floyd the opportunity to give his version of what happened.

This may just be a blip on the radar for the mercurial Mayweather.

Boxing's slickest performer in the ring cannot possibly be this dumb, this venal outside it or can he?

Even if there is no civil lawsuit and no criminal charges, Mayweather has the right to clear his name if he so chooses.

We're waiting, champ.


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