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Floyd Mayweather boasts $75,000 UConn win: Boxer bet UConn Huskies all the way

Floyd Mayweather loves to gamble on sports, his bet on UConn paid off to the tune of $75,000
Floyd Mayweather loves to gamble on sports, his bet on UConn paid off to the tune of $75,000

Floyd Mayweather was proud to show his latest gambling win, as he bet on the UConn Huskies three times. He did this twice at halftime against Florida and again before the championship game. Mayweather won $75,000 with his UConn pick and he is not shy about showing how his love of sports betting paid off big, according to Yahoo Sports on April 8.

This is small change compared to the bets he reported winning in the past. Mayweather keeps himself busy when not in the ring by betting heavy on some of his favorite sports. He bet $10 million on the Broncos to win the Super Bowl.

He also said he bet $8 million on Kentucky over Wisconsin and Yahoo suggests that this is a “maybe yes, maybe (probably) no” scenario when it comes to facts on the amount that the boxer bets. Yahoo also suggests that stories of his gambling bets sometimes “border on the absurd.”

This time around the UConn bet comes with proof, Mayweather posted images of his winning gambling tickets online for all to see. One ticket is worth a win of $33,636.35 and the other states the win is $42,000.00. He even tallies the total of the two tickets to say he won $75,636.

His tweet was simply put:

“I bet on the underdogs @uconnhuskies twice within the last three days. $75,636”

Mayweather tweeted an estimated 46 betting slips between August 2010 and February 2012. The winnings total from those 46 slips came to $3.8 million. One of the bigger sports events coming up is when Mayweather fights Marcos on May 3. This fight is in Las Vegas, the heart of the betting world. This heavy better is the overwhelming favorite to win.

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